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Kristin Cavallari Looks Awesome

Both Paris Hilton and Kristin Cavallari hosted pool parties in Vegas this weekend, and Kristin was prolly paid less than Paris which is insanity because Kristin looked fantastic. Her ass and legs are incredible. I can barely believe my eyes. When the hell did this happen? Has she always been this hot? I don’t want to point fingers, but did you know about this?.

Jennifer Aniston, 41, Wins Bikini Battle With Younger Model Brooklyn Decker, 23

For most fortysomething women the prospect of slipping into a bikini alongside a young swimwear model would be a little daunting. But Jennifer Aniston, as you can see, is no average fortysomething. In her stunning hot pink two-piece, she was more than a match for her much younger co-star. The 41-year-old actress showed off a flawless figure as she peeled off to shoot scenes for her latest film, Just Go For It, in Hawaii last week. With her was swimwear model Brooklyn Decker, 23, the wife of tennis star Andy Roddick. But perhaps Miss Aniston is not as naturally confident as she seems. She began a gruelling training regime after hearing she would be starring alongside Miss Decker. She has flown her personal trainer Mandy Ingber over to the island to help her get in shape. The pair see one another five times a week for punishing 80-minute gym routines that include yoga, martial arts and running. As well as power-walking twice a day, Miss Aniston is said to be a fan of Budokon - a martial art-based exercise.

Sofia Vergara Drops Some Cleavage And Gets Ultra Curvy For Kmart.

Here’s the bodaciously hot Sofia Vergara dropping my jaw with a shwingtastic display of her uber hotness, awesome cleavage, and wicked curves… for Kmart. Yeah, I didn’t believe the photo description either, but it’s true. And it is so freaking hoooooot! Good lord, will you get a load of those rollercoaster curves!? What am I saying? You cats are probably too busy drooling over the photos that you’re not even read this. And I don’t blame you. Anyways, enjoy!

Olga Kuryleno is Amazing, Attainable

Danny Huston is a perfectly capable and likable actor (among many other parts he played Stryker in ‘Wolverine’) and he’s the son of legendary director John Huston, but he apparently dates Olga Kurylenko, the hot girl from ‘Quantum of Solace’ and ‘Hitman’, and that’s amazing because she is way way way out of his league. She’s so beautiful she doesn’t even have to be an actress.


The Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

She came, she saw, she destroyed. Hurricane Sandy came ashore last night and hit the city of New York with her full might. The damage runs close to a billion, the death toll hit double figures, millions are without power and some NYC subway lines are flooded. Mother Nature has shown us once again who’s boss.

Beautiful Examples of Toy Photography

Creativity has no limits and when it comes to photography, you have endless options to showcase your creativity. One of these options is Toy Photography in which you can create nice and appealing compositions with creative lighting and at the same time have some real fun! Toy Photography if done correctly can bring the life and personality in the lifeless objects being shot. In this post, we have put together some outstanding examples of toy photography that will hopefully amaze you.

Slanderous Photos

In the end of 2009 the Uzbekistan Agency on Press and Information has initiated a criminal proceeding against a talented documentarian photographer and the first camerawoman in the country - Umida Akhmedova. She was charged with the “slander and outrage against the Uzbek people” in her photos. She is threatened to be sentenced to 2-3 years of correctional works or to 6 months imprisonment. Enjoy some of Umida’s professional “illegal” shots.

Breathtaking Examples Of High Speed Photography

High Speed Photography is getting very popular day by day. High speed photography produces awesome results because of a relatively faster shutter speed. This form of photography comes into play when we want to capture those scenes which cannot be witnessed with bare eyes. We have already published a post about 40 Stunning High Speed Photographs and that was greatly appreciated by our readers. Now we have gathered another great collection of High Speed Photography. This round-up contains 55 most stunning and appealing high speed photographs which demonstrate the remarkable skills of the photographers who have taken such amazing snaps.


Techart GTStreet RS is the ultimate Smurf-colored Porsche 911

The 2012 911 wasn't the only Porsche to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. German tuner Techart unveiled its new GTStreet RS based on the 911 GT2 RS. The car features a variety of upgrades, from carbon fiber aerodynamic enhancements to a power upgrade package that boosts the output of the twin-turbo flat-six to 710 horsepower and 664 lb-ft torque. Techart says that the GTSTreet RS can reach 100 km/h (about 62 mph) from a standing start in just 3.3 seconds and is capable of a top speed of 218 mph. Additional upgrades are available as well, including lightweight 20-inch wheels and custom interior appointments.

Ice Racing in a Mazda MX-5

It's minus 30 degrees centigrade, but I'm sweating profusely. I'm driving a car with no roof at a speed that must boost the wind chill factor to a thoroughly frostbiting figure, and yet things continue to heat up inside the cockpit. Arms are twirling and pedals pumping in an effort to keep my Mazda MX-5 pointing in approximately the right direction on a track carved into the snow on the surface of a frozen lake. Adding to the heat is the pressure of another 19 drivers in identical MX-5s all trying to get round the same circuit at the same time. Welcome to the splendidly organised chaos of the first ever international Mazda MX-5 Ice Race.

Uniquely-Powered Concept Cars

Concept cars generally have one of two jobs to fulfill. They’re either used to preview a soon-to-be-reality production car. Or they’re something completely bonkers designed to grab headlines and get people thinking. Many concept cars, especially nowadays, are fitted – or theoretically fitted – with unconventional drivetrains. Electric-powered and Hybrid-powered vehicles now make up a significant proportion of the annual concept car yield. Just ten years ago they might have been unusual. Today they’re normal. To make it into this top ten list the concept cars have to have remarkably unusual propulsion units or drivetrain elements.

Could This Be Jeep's Secret Weapon?

We recently attended the annual Off Road Expo just outside Los Angeles, and we spotted this unique Jeep sitting outside in the display area. In honor of the upcoming SEMA Show, the yearly festival of all things unique and custom in the automotive aftermarket, we thought we'd pass this one along. Built by Wild Boar, this custom-converted 6x6 Jeep Wrangler is an all-new creation called the JK6 Wheeler. The vehicle uses a custom-lengthened frame and custom transfer case with output shaft adapters and offers 65 gallons of fuel capacity, giving it about 1,000 miles of tank range. Although the JK6 uses a stock Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6, it does offer quite a few other custom details, inlcluding a roof-top pop-up tent and a unique covered bed area over the dual rear axles.


Inside The Soviet's Secret Failed Moon Program

The Soviet lunar program was covered up, forgotten after failing to put a man on the moon. These rare photos from a lab inside the Moscow Aviation Institute show a junkyard of rarely-seen spacecraft, including a never-to-be-used Russian lunar lander. Soviet scientists were well ahead of their American counterparts in moon exploration before President John F. Kennedy pronounced the U.S. would put a man there first. The Soviets had already landed the probe Luna 2 on the surface of the Moon in 1959 and had an orbiting satellite in 1966. The Soviets developed a similar multi-step approach to NASA, involving a module used to orbit the moon and one for landing. Their version was decidedly less complex and lighter to account for inferior rockets. These photos show the LK "Lunar Craft" lander, which has a similar pod-over-landing gear structure but numerous key differences.

Remote Control DSLR BeetleCam Goes On Ground-Level Photo Safari

Some wildlife photographers spend months immersed in muck to capture the perfect shot. The Burrard-Lucas brothers decided to let an RC car do the dirty work. Their BeetleCam came face-to-face with lions, elephants, and buffalo and captured these stunning shots. The BeetleCam is the ingenuous creation of Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas, two acclaimed UK wildlife photographers who wanted to get up close and personal with some of Africa's most dangerous animals (with a wide-angle lens, natch). They strapped a Canon EOS 400D on top of a four-wheel drive buggy and rigged up one controller to operate the entire contraption. The photographs, recovered only after the BeetleCam was "promptly mauled, and carried off into the bush" by a pride of lions, show the animals from a unique, "I'm-a-small-rodent-about-to-get-snacked-on" perspective.

The Serious Eats Guide to Sandwiches

o honor National Sandwich Month we've put together this epic glossary of sandwiches. If you weren't already convinced, this should prove to you how much we obsess over sandwiches. Herewith the American sandwiches, and check out the international edition over here. These sandwiches are all iconic somewhere, though they range in national fame from the grilled cheese to the horseshoe (wait, what's a horseshoe?). Many of these we've eaten before; some were new to us. And though we divided them regionally, they can of course be found in any number of cities across the country.

Beastly Bike at 40MPH

This is a fast bike. It’s called “The Beast” and it’s designed and executed by M55 Bikes and it goes 40 miles per hour. One charge on this electric bike and you’ll go as far as 75 miles even off-road. That’s impressive, yes? It’s made of custom parts created by M55’s seasoned engineers, using technology and materials used in Formula One cars and supersportscars alike. Titanium, carbon fiber, CNC machining, and a brushless motor mechanism, plus more! Each of the non-custom parts on this magical machine are of the finest quality, chosen by the M55 crew to meet golden standards. It’s got a hybrid drive, making it an addition to your high-falootin human powers. Each time the sensor feels you need some extra torque, it packs a punch and blasts you forward, multiplying your power like one of those Japanese exosuits from the comic books. Such a monster.

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