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Leryn Franco is in a Bikini

Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco first rose to fame a few years ago when the internets discovered that she was pretty damn sexy, and on Monday she was spotted in a bikini in Miami. Presumably not winning at whatever she was doing. Because has a hot athlete ever won anything at all (see: Kournikova, Anna)? Unfortunately it's the same for us hot mathletes. I can crush a beer can between my abs, but I'll be damned if I haven't taken higher than second in the annual Calculus Bowl.

Christina Hendricks on the cover of New York Magazine

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks is famous for one reason: her incredible acting ability. She acts like people care about her for reasons other than her comical-huge breasts. Of course she's wrong. So so wrong. And to illustrate that, take a look at this week's New York magazine. The editors could have easily dressed her in a tasteful pantsuit. But no, they went the tight corset route which somehow make her breasts seem even bigger. Not that I'm complaining. I just got an erection so damn fast that you could only see it on one of those high-speed cameras they use on Mythbusters.

Avril Lavigne Hooks Up With Ex-Hubby Deryck Whibley in St. Tropez

And, who can blame him, right? I know we make fun of Ave a lot of on here, but when it comes to no-strings-attached makeup sex, we can't really fault the former Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley for potentially sex'ing up his old wifie. He knows exactly which buttons to push & Avril knows it, so why not jump back on for another joyride? I'm sure if they did hookup over the weekend, it was mutual. These were snapped over the weekend as the two were spotted together with friends on a yacht from South Hampton, NY moored off the coast of ultra-exclusive Saint Troprez, France.

Jayde Nicole Would Like Your Attention Now

Brody Jenner's ex-girlfriend and 2008 Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole, in Hollywood last night debuting her new "She Was Pretty Much Asking For It" line of rape-defense-friendly evening wear.


Captivating Examples of Night Photography

Night and moon captured in photographs is always beautiful, so for that i have gathered some of the most amazing and beautiful night photographs done by exceptional photographers from various networks. You can reach the image source by clicking on the image.

Colorful Nature Photos by Nariscuss

Yesterday I was browsing Deviantart for some inspiration, when I spotted a photo of Nariscuss. It was the most colorful picture on the screen, it was really eye-catching. I clicked on it immediately to take a closer look at the image but also to know more about the photographer. I found quite a few beautiful and colorful photos there. I liked them so much that I decided to pick some of them and share it with you guys, but first have a look at Nariscuss' bio.

Record Setters

Earlier this week, the world's shortest man, He Pingping, age 21, died after developing chest pains while filming a television show in Italy. Pingping suffered from primordial dwarfism, a condition which kept him from ever growing taller than 73 cm (2 feet 5 inches) tall. Pingping was recognized by the Guinness World Records organization, who also held a "World Records Day" last November, encouraging people all over the world to set their own records. Collected here are a group of superlatives, recent photos of world records and record attempts around the world.

The Defiant Squatter Squirrel Who Has Commandeered A Nesting Box

Moving into your own home is usually a good excuse for a party. But once this creature had squirrelled away his nuts and seeds, there was only one guest invited to the housewarming – his mum. Christine Haines, who watched the baby grey squirrel take over the bird box in her garden in Spokane, Washington, U.S., believed he was ‘calling for his mother’ to visit when she caught him on camera. The baby grey squirrel was looking for some shelter and came across this box complete with a perfect look-out hole for him to poke his head out of. And he was so pleased with his new abode he smiled straight at the camera as a sharp-eyed resident spotted the fury squatter in her garden.


Dealer Accidentally Remote Starts Customer's Mustang Right Into A Pond?

Ready to play armchair Johnny Cochran? Here's a story about a horse that got lead to water and then dove in. A Mustang Forum member, luckydawg003 (LD), took his manual-tranny 2007 Mustang GT in for warranty repair to Brandon Ford in Tampa, Florida. When he went to pick it up, the service manager departed to retrieve his car, then came back ten minutes later to say he had some bad news. According to LD, someone left the car in gear without the parking brake on, and when the service manager pressed the remote start button twice to start the car, it leaped to life and drove out of the dealer's lot, through a chain link fence and into a pond, getting completely submerged.

2013 Moto Guzzi V7 range coming to U.S.

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi has announced a new line of V7 bikes, which will be available to Euro-leaning shoppers in the U.S. Moto Guzzi calls the 2013 iteration of the V7 a "completely new bike," with a more powerful version of the company's 90-degree V-twin engine and revamped aesthetics for each model. The traditional double-cradle frame and drive shaft remain, however. To start, the Italian company will offer the V7 in three distinct flavors: the V7 Stone, V7 Racer and V7 Special. The Stone has the lowest price point at $8,390 to start, and is made to appeal to a younger buyers with its clean design and ample customization options. The V7 Racer clearly has been aimed at the retro-loving rider, as it makes use of old school number plates on the cowl and rear fenders, while rocking a vintage chrome tank and suede seat.

High-Tech 2WD Ostoure Superbike Is Straight Out of Skynet's Garage

The Ostoure concept is a "super naked" motorcycle concept sprung from the mind of designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie and possibly Skynet. The Ostoure ("Legend" in Persian) boasts two-wheel drive, Bluetooth helmet support, HUD indicators, multiple radiators, and an AC system (?), although that's all hypothetical given the fact this puppy is a prototype design. Throw on some side-mounted Gatling guns and this would be right at home on the set of Terminator: Salvation.

Lamborghini Aventador Strips Down to its Rolling Chassis for Pebble Beach

Sitting in stark contrast to the heritage machines on display on the 18th fairway at the Pebble Beach Concours are the assembled exotics on the “Concept Lawn”. The best example of this is the Lamborghini Aventador, which is joined by a rolling chassis of the 700-hp Italian exotic, displaying the ultra-modern technology that makes it such an incredible performance machine. Car geeks can revel in the carbon fiber monocoque, joined at the front and rear by a complex and light weight aluminum chassis. This structure allows the car to weigh in at just under 3,500 lbs, despite a truly massive 6.5-liter V12 engine out back. Also on display is the pushrod suspension setup, with Lambroghini claiming the Aventador is the first production car to make use of this design, which has until now been reserved for race cars.


Heineken Bot Is Best Beer Serving Robot We’Ve Seen In A While

It’s always a wonderful idea to have a bot serving beer. One, it would never ask you your pint count and two, it would never ask you to slow down. We’ve seen a host of beer serving bots in the past, but the Heineken Bot by Middlesex University is by far the best at the task. A miniature keg on wheels, the Heineken Bot is devised to move autonomously in a preprogrammed area. It has sensors mounted on top, when a hand is waved over it the bot stops to pour you a drink. ‘Just place a cup in the arm, and the bot will fill it to the brim with the frothy lager.’ Displayed at the London’s Kinetica Art Fair recently, the bot is worth the glimpse, so follow the jump to see it in action.

French Company Unveils Exotic Concept Plane

The new Cobalt Co50 is the French answer to a wide selection of fast, personal airplanes from companies such as Cirrus and Cessna. The company claims the five seat pusher configuration will be able to cruse at more than 250 miles per hour and have a range of more than 1150 miles. New airplane designs at Airventure here in Oshkosh are as common as left turns in NASCAR. Every year somebody shows up with a new airplane they hope will change aviation. One of the more interesting looking new designs this year comes from Europe to challenge some of the American companies that have led the way for single engine airplanes for decades. The Co50 that showed up in Oshkosh isn’t quite done yet, in fact it’s mostly a rough shell of an airplane. The airframe is far from finished and there is no engine or propeller. If the airplane does make it to the flight test stage and into production, Cobalt will have one of the more interesting looking planes on the market.

DIY Atari Console Lamp

If you’ve still got your old Atari console don’t throw it out why not convert it into a fantasic table lamb like the one below. Constructed from a dead VCS, 10 cartridges, and a boxart lampshade. Check out the video after the jump to see it in action. If that style and design doesn’t suit your decor why not try building an Atari Joystick table lamp. Created by Instructibles.com user Seamster, the lamp functions as both a giant, non-working replica of an Atari 2600 joystick on it’s own, but take off the top, screw in a light bulb, add a box art-covered lampshade and press the firebutton to turn on.

Sir, Your Liver Is Ready: Behind the Scenes of Bioprinting

Say goodbye to donor lists and organ shortages. A biotech firm has created a printer that prints veins using a patients’ own cells. The device could potentially create whole organs in the future. “Right now we’re really good at printing blood vessels,” says Ben Shepherd, senior research scientist at regenerative-medicine company Organovo. “We printed 10 this week. We’re still learning how to best condition them to be good, strong blood vessels.” Most organs in the body are filled with veins, so the ability to print vascular tissue is a critical building block for complete organs. The printed veins are about to start testing in animal trials, and eventually go through human clinical trials. If all goes well, in a few years you may be able to replace a vein that has deteriorated (due to frequent injections of chemo treatment, for example) with custom-printed tissue grown from your own cells.

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