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Lady Gaga Needs Less Attractive Friends

Lady Gaga is in Rio today, and she and a friend (makeup artist Tara Savelo) hung out on her hotel balcony in bikinis. Which was a terrible idea because Tara is a solid 8, and Gaga is even more unattractive and unappealing than usual when she stands next to her. She should find one of those kids from the TLC shows about kids with 5 faces or glowing tentacles instead of arms and legs and be friends with them. That’s what Jennifer Lopez would do.

Cassie in a bikini is awesome

The last time singer and model Cassie was on Tyler was in May of 09, when some of her private pictures featuring adult themes and content ended up online. That’s way too long, because this girl is insanely gorgeous, and luckily she hit the beach in Miami yesterday. I always thought she was Brazilian but apparently she’s Filipino, black and Mexican. It’s kind of cool that I didn’t know that. People who only talk about the thing that makes them different are unbearable.

Kristin Cavallari in her Stripper Dress Preps for the Future of the Day

The good news of the week is that The Hills were finally cancelled. Sure it was a few years too late as far as I’m concerned, because from the day I heard of the shit, I knew it was fucking garbage people would eventually get tired of. It was a social experiment that made me lose hope in America for actually buying into the shit because the cast members who were supposed to be “real” people, in their “real” lives, but as their celebrity, their egos, their fame, their money and everything about them became its own annoying piece of shit entity, the TV show became as useless as it always was but people didn’t realize it was because the people involved were useless from the start….and instead took a liking…

Gwen Stefani Was in a Bikini Too

Gwen Stefani spent yesterday on the beach in Malibu with her kids and husband Gavin Rossdale, and as always she managed to look sexy without being slutty, without wearing a thong or “accidentally” losing her top in the surf. In other words, I hate you Gwen Stefani. Booo, you suck, get outa here.


High Energy Examples of Concert Photography

It’s summertime and you know what that means. It’s the time of year when music festivals and concerts are in full swing. They provide great opportunities to create some amazing images. So pack your camera and bottled water, its time to capture your masterpiece. Below are some amazing examples of high energy concert photography to inspire you.

Dazzling Examples of Sunset Photography

One of the most colorful times of the day is when the sun is going down to rest behind the horizon. It’s an ideal time to get out the ole camera and get to work. It’s also one of the most challenging times to capture the light just the way you want. As the sun falls closer to the horizon you can count on dramatic changes in lighting from minute to minute. Here is a showcase of handpicked favorites that is sure to inspire.

Volcano Pictures: First Descent Into a Magma Chamber

During the first ever scientific expedition into a volcanic magma chamber, climber Einar Stefánsson rappels into Iceland's dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano in October. Magma chambers supply the molten rock that oozes or bursts onto Earth's surface during an eruption. Thrihnukagigur, which last erupted about 3,000 years ago, contains only ancient magma—though the volcano could come back to life at anytime, experts say. "Thrihnukagigur is unique. … It's like somebody came and pulled the plug and all the magma ran down out of it," said volcanologist Haraldur Sigurdsson, who appears in Into Iceland's Volcano, a new documentary featuring the expedition, airing Friday on the National Geographic Channel.

Scenes From the Duct Tape Festival

According to its website, the Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival “celebrates duct tape, its enthusiasts and its wacky and fun uses.” The festival takes place in the Duct Tape Capital of the World, Avon, Ohio—the home of Duck brand duct tape. I attended last month with my daughters (7-year-old triplets), who enjoyed riding the rides, playing carnival games, and decorating jewelry boxes with duct tape. We also made sure to stop by all the duct tape sculptures scattered throughout the festival. Here’s what we saw.


Top Gear Finds The World's Most Unstoppable Vehicle

It's the car Jeremy Clarkson may need if his wife is on the warpath over his alleged affair. That's because this vehicle is about as indestructible as they come. Tested on Top Gear by Clarkson's co-presenter Richard Hammond, the Marauder is a ten-ton military vehicle that the public can buy - if you have £300,000 spare. To prove its credentials on the battlefield, Hammond conducted a series of tests to show just what it can do. Most staggeringly of all, the presenter placed seven pounds of plastic explosive under the vehicle to see what damage it caused. The answer was very little. In fact the car barely even had a scratch, with just a flat rear tire and damage to a piece of trim. In contrast a Hummer - another military vehicle - was blown to pieces by the same amount of explosive during the test. Hammond also blasted through brick walls in Johannesburg without even slowing, and showed a cheeky wheel-clamper who was boss by pulling his tow-truck.

2013 Porsche 911 S - Sport Design Package

After a patent leak about an upcoming bodykit for the 991, we’ve finally captured our first images of the 2013 Porsche 911 Sport Design Package at the 2012 Miami Auto Show. The famous Porsche duck tail from the 1970’s is back, along with a more aggressive front bumper. The $5,366 option is a must have for all tuning enthusiasts willing to embellish their 991 with a bodykit, which so far was only available on the limited edition 991 Club Coupe. On this gorgeous guard red model, the wheel option is adding a whopping $7,482. The 20 inch rims add to the overall look, but the price is outrageous for wheels that most likely are not any lighter than the base OEM. For that kind of money we’d rather go buy ourselves a set of ultralight HRE or CCW wheels. Nevertheless, Porsche came up with a very good looking body kit, for those too busy to look into the aftermarket or the devoted Porsche OEM fanboys.

Nissan’s New EV Tech Goes Beyond Batteries

By showing off a new EV meant for sharing, and previewing the in-car technology to be used in the Leaf, Nissan proved that the most interesting technologies introduced on electric cars could have nothing to do with DC motors and lithium-ion batteries. The New Mobility Concept (above), which appears to be loosely based on the Renault Twizy, envisions a future where cars are shared and their roles are repurposed throughout the day. Nissan says the New Mobility Concept can be part of a “seamless mobility service” that connects the car with public transportation using a smartphone app. Though details are scarce, we envision armies of tiny shared EVs at central train and subway stations that get commuters to their final destination.

1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

There’s just something about the 1930s… The decade that climbed out of a great depression and fell into the second world war was still one of progress in design. This decade saw the automobile really begin to take shape, and it has left us some of the most beautiful cars ever envisioned by man. The 1937 BMW 328 Mille Miglia, the 1939 Rolls-Royce Phantom III, and even the 1937 BWM R7 motorcycle show the high watermark of design in the heart of the pre-war industrial revolution. Today, we look at the great 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, a beautiful blue wonder as captured by our friends at Autoblog. This Bugatti Type 57SC is famous in its own right, having earned the Best of Show at the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This year, it sold for nearly $40 million, a record price for any automobile. While it is certainly amongst the world’s most beautiful automobiles, it is officially the world’s most expensive.


The Complete History Of The Fallout Shelter Sign

Just as it would be difficult to imagine the Cold War without the Berlin Wall or the American-Soviet "hotline," it would be equally hard to consider this tense era without the instantly recognizable National Fallout Shelter Sign. Beginning in 1961, this ubiquitous yellow and black sign with inverted triangular shapes began showing up on and in structures across the country. Its purpose was to alert the citizenry that space had been identified by the government for public shelter in the event of a nuclear attack. Walk around any major American city today and you will still be able to see at least a few rusty Fallout Shelter Signs attached to buildings of a certain vintage. These distinctive metallic, reflective signs remain the most durable—literally and figuratively—symbol of the Cold War. But how did the sign come to be and who exactly was responsible for its creation?

Your iPhone 4 Warranty and Insurance Options

The iPhone 4 is far from indestructible. Hell, it's starting to seem like it might actually be fragile. So here, for worrywarts and klutzes alike, is an overview of some warranty and insurance plans in case things go wrong. Lumping warranties and insurance plans together is sort of an apples and oranges type thing, but all these things fall under the umbrella of "stuff that helps keep your iPhone working." Every iPhone 4 comes with Apple's one year warranty, which covers stuff that's their fault—like manufacturing defects—but nothing that's your fault, like drops, spills and the rest. That AppleCare can be extended for a year for $69, but the stuff it covers remains the same. Best Buy offers a special plan for Best Buy-bought iPhones that, for example, covers water spillage but not water submersion, and it has no loss or theft protection. RadioShack and Walmart both rely on Apple's AppleCare protection in lieu of their own.

Voyager 1 Reaching Solar System's Outer Edge 33 Years After Launch

NASA's long-running Voyager 1 spacecraft is barreling its way toward the edge of the solar system. Since 2004, the unmanned probe has been exploring a region of space where solar wind - a stream of charged particles spewing from the sun at 1 million miles per hour - slows abruptly and crashes into the thin gas between stars. NASA said that recent readings show the average outward speed of the solar wind has slowed to zero, meaning the spacecraft is nearing ever closer to the solar system's edge to a boundary known as the heliopause.

Why Things Fail: From Tires to Helicopter Blades, Everything Breaks Eventually

In the corner of Building 4, a massive complex at Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, the ghostly skeleton of a pickup truck endures a constant torment. The truck has no wheels, no bed, no seats, and no steering column—it’s just a vacant shell and a set of pedals. Inside, a pneumatic piston is positioned to press on the gas pedal over and over again, night and day. It’s a test of the whole accelerator assembly, but engineers are focused on one simple part—the hinge that connects the gas pedal to the frame.

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