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Rihanna Wears Half an Outfit at Pepsi Fan Jam

From these photos of Rihanna performing live at the Pepsi Fan Jam on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, yesterday, I gather the no pants trend is nearly over. Nearly over, as in she’s wearing one of her two pant legs. That’s the most pant legs I’ve seen her wear in some time. She also appears to be covering one of her boobs, which is the most coverage I’ve seen those things get in some time. The singer is wearing a cut-out catsuit that makes me think of the black half-catsuit worn by Shakira in the She Wolf music video. One arm, one sleeve, one boob, one ass cheek, and most of their crotch hanging out. At least Rihanna has the good manners to cover her remaining boob with a strapless bra. And cover her bare leg with fishnet stockings. Her booty’s still kinda hanging out, but bish works out. I’m not even mad at her.

Katy Perry Ditches Her Clothes for Esquire

Even without the bells and whistles of her confusing hipster clothes Katy Perry is still interesting to look at. Her huge… talent… is actually convincing us that she would be doing the world an enormous favor if she were to never wear clothes again. Oil spill? Forget it. National debt? No problem. All we need is to see some Katy Perry jugs every single day. Aside from kissing girls and allegedly liking it, Katy Perry has been making trips to Toronto, slicing her leg open, and then proceeding to wander around Europe. You gotta admire her burning desire to make Lady Gaga look bad further her career in the entertainment industry.

Gwyneth Paltrow Hard Body Bikini Pics of the Day

Here are some pictures of Steven Spielberg following his god daughter Gwyneth Paltrow around in the bikini, clearly for masturbation purposese later in the night, cuz that’s what people who like following their god daughters around in bikini with a video camera are usually doing….it is generally not because he’s practicing his filmaking, you know that excuse doesn’t work when you’ve a billionaire filmmaker.

Sofia Vergara Tweets Picture of Wardrobe Malfunction At Last Night’s Emmy Awards

Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara had lots of eyes on her at last night’s Emmy Awards, as both she and her TV show were up for some big awards. And it’s sort of nice to know that even at big, tightly-controlled events like the Emmys, accidents still do happen. And what is also nice is when celebrities like Sofia Vergara don’t shy away from embarrassment and just laugh along with everyone else during these accidents. We were treated to just that last night, as the accident occurred when Vergara’s Emmy dress suffered a bit of a split in an inopportune area. As for refusing to shy away from the embarrassment, than happened when Vergara herself put the spotlight on the incident via her Twitter account by Tweeting an image of her wardrobe malfunction.


Photos of my models

What started out as an exercise in model building and photography, ended up as a dream-like reconstruction of the town I grew up in. It's not an exact recreation, but it does capture the mood of my memories. And like a dream, many of the buildings show up in different configurations throughout the photos. Or sometimes, the buildings stay put and the backgrounds change. Visually, this is heading towards the realm of ART. The buildings are 1/24th scale. They are constructed of Gator board, styrene plastic, Sintra, plus numerous found objects; such as jewelery pieces, finishing washers and printed material.

Bulldogs on Parade: Photos from the Bulldog Beauty Contest

On Sunday morning the annual Bulldog Beauty Contest took place at the Marketplace Long Beach. They came, we saw, they drooled. And it was adorable.

BMW Mini Cooper Assembly Line

The BMW Mini Cooper, whose first generation was designed by Frank Stephenson,[1] draws inspiration from the original Mini, which was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation and its successors from 1959 to 2000. The name of the car's brand, MINI, is all-capitalized to distinguish it from its predecessor.[2] Development of the first generation had been done between 1995 and 2001 by Rover Group in Gaydon, United Kingdom and BMW AG in Munich, Germany. During this development phase, there was continual contention between the two design groups, especially concerning the positioning of the car; Rover wanted an straight economy car, whilst BMW supported a small, sporting car. Ultimately, BMW prevailed, and in 1999, they assumed control over the entire project following the departure of BMW's CEO.

Beautiful Examples of Action Sequence Photography

Sequence photography is a technique of shooting a series of images in where the subject is captured in successive motion. Sequence photography is a wonderful way of conveying motion in a static image. A merged photo sequence can radically show a different perspective much more than what can be captured in a single image. When you’re creating a sequence photo make sure you get all the action you need. This can be done by choosing shooting a moving. Make sure you have a camera that able to do high shutter speeds. A DSRL that can shoot 3-5fps can get you great results. Then set the camera up on a sturdy tripod so displacement between frames. Then determine the exposure and multiply by the quantity of frames you are going to shoot. Another way would be to quickly shoot a series of separate frames and merged them all together later with the help of photoshop.


Ford F650 Limousine is Big in China

Here we have a gigantic Ford F650 Limousine seen in Beijing by reader & serial spotter Navigator84. This monster is at least 20 meters long and likely used for parties, like, lalala, marriages! The Ford F650 is relatively unknown in China and Ford doesn’t officially export it, all come in via the lucrative gray market. Shipping this giant over the Pacific needed a big boat. The F650 is powered by a 6.7 liter Cummins diesel or a 6.8 liter Modular V10 gas engine. Both fine power plants for a vehicle like this. What exactly powers this white example I sadly can’t say for sure. It will be registered as a truck in China which means the diesel is most likely. We did see one other F650 in China before at a dealer in Tianjin, that one was powered by the V10 and therefore basically unmovable since gas is a rare commodity at gas stations in China.

Iconic AC Roadster Chassis Is Seriously Sexy

This is the carbon fiber passenger tub bonded to the tubular Chromalloy backbone chassis that underpins the Iconic AC Roadster. Also visible? The huge carbon and steel reinforcements that keep the 800 HP V8 engine from twisting this in half. Here's details on some of the visible parts.

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Concept

For the 2011 Los Angeles Design Challenge, which was seeking to find the most spectacular new film car for Hollywood, the designers from the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios in Sindelfingen (Germany) and Carlsbad (USA), have joined the ranks of the screen-writers. The designers at the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Carlsbad, California have created a Hollywood-style homage for Mercedes-Benz to 125 years of innovation in automotive technology and design. The leading roles are played by two high-tech characters which have been instrumental in reconciling safety and stylish design in automobiles: the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow cult racing car and crash test dummies.

Video: Ride Along With Ferrari’s New King of the ‘Ring

Porsche 911s and Nissan GT-Rs and Corvette ZR1s are very nice cars and quite quick around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. But they must bow before the new king of the ‘Ring, the Ferrari 599XX. The 700-horsepower über-Ferrari is the first-ever production-derived sports car to break the 7-minute barrier at the classic 20.832 kilometer Nordschleife (North Loop), a benchmark of automotive performance. The 599XX lapped the track in an astonishing 6 minutes, 58.16 seconds. That’s almost half-a-minute faster than the mighty Ferrari Enzo. Of course, to call the 599XX “production-derived” is to stretch the definition almost to the breaking point. The 599XX is a carbon-bodied rocket packed with technology derived from Ferrari’s Formula 1 program. It’s strictly for the track and shares little in common with the 599 GTB Fiorano beyond the name and general shape. Still, it is an impressive bit of kit and the inspiration for the Ferrari 599 GTO, and we’ve got more pictures and in-car video from the lap. It’s after the jump. Enjoy.


Richard Branson is Renting out Flying Submarine

One of the richest men in the world has decided to rent out his flying submarine. The cynical point of view might be that Richard Branson is bored with the toy and is behaving like a typical businessman by ensuring that it is ultimately put to good use. He could use the money since he will be repairing the burnt home on his private island. This is a man that is conquering all spheres of influence. He has Virgin Mobile taking over the airwaves and then also dabbles in flying with Virgin Airlines. The futuristic toy is perhaps the latest ploy by the astute businessman to crack new markets way ahead of the competition. The Necker Nymph might do wonders for the eccentric billionaire who is looking for something to entertain him during the winter months.

If God Had Meant Man To Flush On The Road...

...we would have been given toilet karts. Oh, wait — we were given toilet karts. A whopping 6.5 hp, 32 mph, twin-throne action, and all the TP you can stand. Ain't America great? We get emails like this all the time. "Come look at my toilet go-kart," they say. "It's the best toilet kart in the world," they say. "You'll love it, and you can flush your cares out the exhaust, and seriously, 32 freaking mph on a twin-pot crapcan that just might kill you if you look at it funny." Most of them do not have this guy — this grinning, goony goof — sitting on them. He is the man behind these things. Somehow, this makes sense. Every man dies. Not every man truly lives makes bitchin' port-a-john art. Thumbs up.

Olympic Timing a High-tech Affair

Less than a century ago, the timing of downhill skiing required someone at the top and bottom of the run, each with a stopwatch synchronized to the time of day. Every few skiers, the timer at the top would send down a piece of paper with the start times of the last few skiers and then some math would ensue, eventually resulting in the time of the run being calculated. Oh, how things have changed. Not only is everything electronic, of course, but the sensors are often tied to the athletes themselves. In speedskating, racers wear a transponder that can measure not only start and finish times, but also determine other things, such as acceleration in and out of a turn. On the slopes, it is the skier's knees passing through a "snowgate" that creates a contact, instantly sending an impulse to triggers the start of the electronic timing.

Mitzi With The World's First Artificial Paw

A German Shepherd called Mitzi has become the first dog in the world to be fitted with a pioneering prosthetic ankle. The three-year-old had her rear right foot amputated after she was trampled by a horse. But the lively dog is back to enjoying walks with her owner after being fitted with an artificial foot and ankle by pioneering vet Dr Noel Fitzpatrick. The prosthesis is the first in the world to have been inserted into a fully moving bone and allows Mitzi to walk with a normal gait and no limp. Mitzi's owner Viv Davis, from Dorchester, Dorset, and her daughter Zoe Randle were desperate to find a way to give her a better quality of life after she lost her hind foot. Ms Davis said: 'The options were three legs, euthanasia, or give her a chance to walk. We had to give her a chance to walk.' Dr Fitzpatrick, from Godalming, Surrey, added that the implant proved a success when Mitzi was taken off her lead for the first time on Thursday.

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