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All of Katy Perry’s Latex Dresses

Katy Perry loves to squeeze her curvy body into all types of latex dresses, ones covered in cookies, ice cream cones, teddy bears, flowers, or even ones covered in different types of STDs. So join us on this little trip down memory lane and get lost in her mounds of latex tits. Like the great Ace Ventura once said, “[fits] like a glove!”

Katy Perry Gets Slimed At The Kids Choice Awards

If you watched the Kids Choice Awards this past weekend, you already saw this. Katy Perry got more than what she bargained for when presenting an award at the kiddy show. A nice batter of green goo became very friendly with her face. Think girls would kiss her and like it now?

Erin Heatherton Contorts Pencil-thin Body Into Various Shapes As She Stretches During Yoga

Pouting away down the runway or from the pages in a glossy magazine, Erin Heatherton usually looks effortless and other-worldly. But today she appeared very real as she showed the strain of keeping her body trim with a sweaty private yoga session. The pretty blonde was seen contorting into various shapes as she sweltered under the Miami sun, spending most of the time on her knees before standing on her head with the help of an instructor.

Kelly Brook Rings in New Years With Some Bikini Love!

These were snapped over the weekend in St. Barts as Kelly Brook is busy enjoying the high life while she treats everybody to her bikini bod! This latest mini-vacation comes after a brief stint w/ her ex-boyfriend in the Maldives. Re-reading what I just wrote makes me realize how much my life sucks ass.


Brilliantly Captured Big Tigers Photography by Nicole Peterson

Here is a collection of absolutely brilliantly captured tigers photography by Nicole Peterson, a talented nature photographer from Canada.

Photographer Loves Math, Graphs Her Images

Most of us can’t tell our secant from our cotangent. But the forms are everywhere, and Nikki Graziano wants to help us see them. Graziano, a math and photography student at Rochester Institute of Technology, overlays graphs and their corresponding equations onto her carefully composed photos. “I wanted to create something that could communicate how awesome math is, to everyone,” she says. Graziano doesn’t go out looking for a specific function but lets one find her instead. Once she’s got an image she likes, Graziano whips up the numbers and tweaks the function until the graph it describes aligns perfectly with the photograph. When graphed, this trigonometry function produces an ever-repeating wave of peaks and valleys that mirror the natural curves Graziano sees in plants.

Clouds Photographed Through an Open Plane Door 4 Miles Up

For his project “Cloud Collection“, photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow went about four miles off the ground and photographed clouds through the open door of the plane. With no glass between Nehmzow and the sky to muddy up the shots, the resulting photographs are absolutely stunning.

The Amazing of The Long Exposure Effect- Superb!

There must be something we can say about Long Exposure Photo effect. Its unique style in presenting the photo itself surely has brought photography to what the place it is now. Long Exposure effect is basically a technique that has to do with shutter speeds. A longer shutter speeds with the right amount of light can give you this unique style of Long Exposure Effect. Because of its wide range of application in photography worlds, many of the photographer do love this photo effect and many have chosen this photo effect as one of his/her favorite style. The creation from the right moment with the right setting could bring the photo to the state of beautifulness of where people will adore. I am not saying long exposure is the perfect effect in photography, but surely it is one of the amazing technique ever invented by human. As a prove to what i am trying to convey, here it is, 50 most amazing Long Exposure Effects ever! Presenting in its most stunning way in exposing the light. This post might be useless to some, but surely, you will found out yourself breathless after seeing them.


Ford Focus RS500

Tell someone you've got a car which can hit 60 mph in under five and a half seconds, and then cannon itself on to a 165 mph top speed, and most people will think you've got either a top-end German saloon or a decent sports car stashed in the garage. Most normal people won't jump to the conclusion that you're rocking a Ford Focus. There's good reason for that too, as there's only plans to produce 500 examples of the Focus RS500 - so it's going to be a rare sight. A damn sight rarer than the legions of fast Audis, BMWs and Mercs which seem to litter the motorways these days. The Ford Focus RS500 isn't just a special edition with a fancy name and an extra badge either. Well it is that too, but it's also had some work done to the engine which boosts power output by a useful 15 percent over the standard Focus RS model.

Supercar Crash Repair Bill May Hit £300K

One of the highest ever car insurance payouts in UK history is set to be made after a £528,000 supercar crashed during a test drive in Scotland. The Pagani Zonda S, which can reach speeds of 220mph, spun out of control on a narrow country road and hit a telephone pole before smashing through a fence. The car has now been sent for repairs in Modena, Italy, where the vehicles are made. The final bill could be over £300,000, according to a spokesman from Aviva insurance. "This is the biggest insurance payout we have had for repairs to a private car in the UK. This is out of the ordinary for an insurer," the spokesman said.

Ducati Diavel

The all-new 2011 Ducati Diavel is a mean looking cruiser which sits above the Ducati Monster range in the company's lineup of tough-looking naked bikes. The bike's name - meaning Devil in the local dialect - sums up what Ducati wanted out of the bike and its designers. "The challenge of building a muscular silhouette over a pure-bred competition motor had to be met with determination and a delicate touch, and the result is a frontal area that looks like a power athlete on the starting blocks," explains the team at Ducati Design responsible for the project. The Ducati Diavel is available in two versions. The standard model, and the Diavel Carbon - which as the name suggests has a few carbon fiber goodies.

Autonomous Vehicles Now Legal in California

At Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, Governor Jerry Brown was joined on stage by Sergey Brin to sign a new law that would allow autonomous vehicles to operate on California roads. The bill, SB 1298, sponsored by Senator Alex Padilla (D-L.A.), establishes safety and performance standards that will be enforced by both the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the Highway Patrol. The law requires the DMV to draft regulations for autonomous vehicles by January 1, 2015, and while the vehicles can operate autonomously, a licensed driver is required to be behind the wheel if something goes awry. California is now the third state to enact autonomous vehicle legislation, following another Google-championed bill that passed in Nevada last February, as well as a Florida law that was approved earlier this year.


Amazing Star Trek Sculpture At Microsoft

Microsoft’s Studio D offices in Redmond, Washington have something that every Star Trek fan would love to have in their own home. However, it probably came at quite a price! The work called Mirror Universe by sculptor Devorah Sperber is based on images from the 1967 episode Mirror, Mirror. In this episode the crew encounter their evil counterparts from a parallel universe. The sculpture itself explores the relationship between art and popular science and how it relates to larger issues of a metaphysical nature. When we look at something our consciousness sees a stable and predictable world and this is what interests the artist. Part of a highly acclaimed body of work, this must be a wonderful sight to see as you enter your workplace each morning (as if Microsoft employees go home anyway!).

This Is How Much Trouble Porsche Takes To Remanufacture Old Emblems

The steady-handed folks at Porsche Classic are now willing to sell you a perfectly reproduced emblem for your early 911 or 356. The work that goes into creating this badge, it seems, is fairly extraordinary. This epically scored mini film – seriously, it sounds like a Wagner-meets-Chant up in there – is like a Mr. Rogers video short, but for car guys. Follow along as the Porsche crest goes from hunk of metal to shiny icon, with typical German precision.

How Much Caffeine Would It Take To Kill You?

A wrongful-death lawsuit filed last week against the makers of Monster energy drinks claims that 14-year-old Anais Fournier drank two 24-ounce cans of Monster in the day before she unexpectedly died late in 2011. The coroner’s report described “caffeine toxicity” as contributing to her death. Just what does it take to ingest a lethal dose of caffeine? The answer is hard to pin down, in part because it happens so rarely, but it’s clearly a hell of a lot. In an email, Jack James, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Caffeine Research, says that overdose for adults requires roughly 10 grams of caffeine. (People typically ingest just 1 to 2 mg/kg of caffeine per beverage.) A 2005 Forensic Science International article on two fatal caffeine overdoses in New Mexico pegs the figure closer to about 5 grams--an amount that would still require drinking more than 6 gallons of McDonald’s coffee.

Giant Robot Replicas You Could Actually Own

If you have a favorite robot from a movie or television series, chances are it has been reproduced and offered for sale at some point. Here are nine examples of insanely expensive, giant replicated robots that you could actually own.

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