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Marisa Miller’s Ass in Celebrity Flag Football Game of the Day

Celebrities or “Hardly-Celebrities” always try to get into the action. If some big event is going down, they have to do some stunt to annoy the public with, thinking that we care, when really it makes them look like they are latching onto something bigger than them, for a little attention….so obviously when the superbowl came along – they had no choice but to do a flag superbowl for the stars, and by stars I mean Olivia Munn and Marisa Miller who are hardly stars to begin with, they shoulda thrown in that guy from the viagra commercial and one of the Extras on Golden Palace to make shit really legit and all I know is that if I was playing I’d be tackling Marisa Miller too.

Sofia Vergara Drops Some Cleavage And Gets Ultra Curvy For Kmart.

Here’s the bodaciously hot Sofia Vergara dropping my jaw with a shwingtastic display of her uber hotness, awesome cleavage, and wicked curves… for Kmart. Yeah, I didn’t believe the photo description either, but it’s true. And it is so freaking hoooooot! Good lord, will you get a load of those rollercoaster curves!? What am I saying? You cats are probably too busy drooling over the photos that you’re not even read this. And I don’t blame you. Anyways, enjoy!

Elisabetta Canalis On Vacation in Mexico!!

While George Clooney focuses teaming with Google and the UN to help Sudan, his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis focuses on showing off that killer bikini bod of hers. The two have been in Cabo to celebrate the holidays where George is probably working while Elisabetta works on her tan.

Kelly Brook Isn't Wearing A Bra

There's really not much that needs to be said here because I immediately forgot whatever it was Miley Cyrus did that everyone was talking about. Something about dancing on a gay guy's penis? Sure, knock yourself out.


Bento, Chocolate, & Beyond: Intriguing Examples of Food Art

As the fear of the obesity epidemic rises, food is seen more an more as simply something one has to cut back on. Lunch is no longer a joyful time to cherish, but a disappointing time spent in front of a microwave. Not everyone has succumbed to this despair, however, and a lot of people are compensating for smaller, healthier, portions, with beautiful aesthetics.

Inside Somalia: Under fire in Mogadishu

Somalia President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed planned festive celebrations to mark his first year in office and progress made toward establishing peace and stability in the war-racked country. But Al Shabaab — the Islamic rebels allied with Al Qaeda — had other ideas. Mogadishu was hit by the worst fighting in months on Jan. 29 as the insurgents marked the anniversary of the Somali president’s first year in power with a series of violent attacks that elicited an equally deadly response. Al Shabaab, the Islamic extremists allied with Al Qaeda, attacked government positions protected by African Union peacekeepers (AMISOM) in a concerted salvo against a weak and largely ineffectual administration.

Endeavour Flight Deck Photos

These rare photos capture the Flight Deck (cockpit) of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, fully powered for one of the final times. Just a few weeks later, at 9:58am EDT on May 11, Endeavour was powered down for the final time in history. It was the last of the three space shuttles to have power. Below, other views show the mid-deck, gutted of its lockers and storage areas, and three final photos show the white room entrance in the Orbiter Processing Facility, signed by thousands over the years.

Nature Photography That Looks Like Fake But Aren’t

Some of the most beautiful examples of nature photography that looks like fake but they arn’t. You might have not seen these beautiful pics before. These includes photographs of trees, water scapes, fields, sun sets , sun rises etc. and are taken by amazing photographers on deviant art. Hope you enjoy them!


2013 Mercedes Benz G550 Review

The G-Class exists on an exclusive list of vehicles that are built for one very specific purpose, in this case, the challenge of crossing any terrain. Still, the G isn’t exactly what anyone would call practical, though its massive presence makes a bold statement while roaming through the glass mountains and over the concrete ruts of the city. The 2013 G-Class holds true to the heritage of the vehicle, using body-on-frame construction and a ladder-type frame consisting of sheet steel up to four mm thick. The SUV shamelessly disregards weight savings in search of rugged performance, tipping the scales with a curb weight of 5,578 lbs.

Tesla Roadster Hits End of the Road

Want a high-end electric sports car? Better move fast — Tesla’s wrapping up production of the Roadster to focus on building the Model S sedan. We told you this was coming more than a year ago when Tesla was preparing for its initial public offering. Lotus, which builds the rolling chassis for the Roadster, is retooling its assembly line, leaving Tesla with nowhere to build the car. The company decided it was wiser to focus on the Model S instead of lining up a new supplier. The Silicon Valley automaker will stop taking Tesla Roadster orders within two months. Tesla’s sold most of its stock in the United States and has “only a handful” left. The inventory’s a little bigger in Europe. “People in Europe and Japan probably have another six months to place orders for the Roadster,” CEO Elon Musk told The San Francisco Chronicle. “In the U.S., it’s maybe a month or two.” When the line in Hethel, England finally creaks to a stop, Tesla will have built 2,500 Roadsters since 2008. Nissan’s sold about that many Nissan Leaf electric vehicles since December.

For Sale: The Most Revolutionary And Advanced Vehicle Ever!

The Street Hawk is the first vehicle with 46 inches of independent wheel travel without camber or caster compromise. The ride height or ground clearance is adjustable from zero to 44 inches while in motion. The Street Hawk has 1,100 horsepower, 1,805 foot pounds of torque and has a highway estimated 22mpg. The vehicle is all-wheel-drive with 40 inch tall, 15.5 inch wide tires and 22 inch wheels. The air suspended seats are hand crafter to the driver’s specific proportions. From the driver’s seat you can control the vehicles pitch, roll and overall ride height using D-pad controls beneath your fingertips. The Street Hawk is the best on-road performing Shadow Hawk. With an overall weight of 4,800 pounds, the Street Hawk can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds and has a calculated top speed of 208mph. The vehicle uses an innovative active suspension system that leans into corners and maintains the ideal camber and caster geometry throughout operation.

Toyota’s Headed to Le Mans — With Hybrids

Toyota is returning to Le Mans with a pair of slick hybrids that update the iconic endurance racers it campaigned in the 1990s and prove, once again, that hybrids aren’t always boring. The Japanese automaker plans to enter two TS030 Hybrid racers in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, making it the first manufacturer to enter a hybrid in the FIA World Endurance Championship. Though the team makes its race debut at the Six Hours of Spa-Francorchamps on May 5, Toyota clearly wants a strong showing at Le Mans. "Of course we would love to win Le Mans; that is the dream for all competitors in this race," team president Yoshiaki Kinoshita said in a statement. "But we are realistic and we know we need to develop and to learn in order to compete with some very strong competition. Our target this year is to show the performance level of our car and particularly the THS-R powertrain."


DIY Atari Console Lamp

If you’ve still got your old Atari console don’t throw it out why not convert it into a fantasic table lamb like the one below. Constructed from a dead VCS, 10 cartridges, and a boxart lampshade. Check out the video after the jump to see it in action. If that style and design doesn’t suit your decor why not try building an Atari Joystick table lamp. Created by Instructibles.com user Seamster, the lamp functions as both a giant, non-working replica of an Atari 2600 joystick on it’s own, but take off the top, screw in a light bulb, add a box art-covered lampshade and press the firebutton to turn on.

Bootlegger Mini Liquor Bottle Ankle Concealer

Looking for an innovative new way to sneak liquor into events? This ingenious soft flask fits right around your ankle and conceals up to six miniature liquor bottles at a time! Just slip the spandex anklet on, load it with your favorite stuff and pull your pant leg down to cover it up. It’s a lot easier to use than most of the concealable flasks on the market and if you ask us, it’s more respectable too. To others, you’ll just look like another guy wearing pants. Underneath you’ll have a secret stash/mini-bar.

If God Had Meant Man To Flush On The Road...

...we would have been given toilet karts. Oh, wait — we were given toilet karts. A whopping 6.5 hp, 32 mph, twin-throne action, and all the TP you can stand. Ain't America great? We get emails like this all the time. "Come look at my toilet go-kart," they say. "It's the best toilet kart in the world," they say. "You'll love it, and you can flush your cares out the exhaust, and seriously, 32 freaking mph on a twin-pot crapcan that just might kill you if you look at it funny." Most of them do not have this guy — this grinning, goony goof — sitting on them. He is the man behind these things. Somehow, this makes sense. Every man dies. Not every man truly lives makes bitchin' port-a-john art. Thumbs up.

The 5 Most Evil Things Tech Companies Helped Happen

If oppressive regimes want to stay oppressive, they need to fear—and wield—technology like a sword covered in napalm. And in most cases, they can't do that without using outside help. Here are the five worst corporate collaborators in technology.

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