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Katy Perry Seems so Normal

Katy Perry is in the middle of her California Dreams tour, but on Monday she took her dancers, crew and opening artist Natalia Kills to Six Flags Great America outside Chicago to ride roller coasters. In other words this chick has a lot to learn about being famous. The only way Jennifer Lopez would put someone who worked for her on a roller coaster is if the track wasn’t finished.

Elizabeth Hurley is Flashy

Elizabeth Hurley flashed all kinds of nipple last night at the Love Ball in London. If flashing your nipple was equivalent to underrated cool events at the Olympics, Elizabeth would be curling. Seriously, who doesn't love curling? It's the only event where I feel like all the competitors should have beers in their hands. I may try out for the team.

Adriana Lima is Not a Good Bikini Model

Adriana Lima spent Monday and Wednesday in St. Barts modeling bikinis for Victorias Secret, but something traumatic must have happened on Tuesday because she forgot how to be a good model overnight. Monday she took a bunch of pictures on her back with her legs spread, but Wednesday that uppity bitch just stood there wasting everyone’s time, and didn’t spread her legs once. Oh, a thousand pardons your majesty, excuse all hell out of me if I wanted to spend the morning staring at your vagina.

Rihanna Wears Half an Outfit at Pepsi Fan Jam

From these photos of Rihanna performing live at the Pepsi Fan Jam on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, yesterday, I gather the no pants trend is nearly over. Nearly over, as in she’s wearing one of her two pant legs. That’s the most pant legs I’ve seen her wear in some time. She also appears to be covering one of her boobs, which is the most coverage I’ve seen those things get in some time. The singer is wearing a cut-out catsuit that makes me think of the black half-catsuit worn by Shakira in the She Wolf music video. One arm, one sleeve, one boob, one ass cheek, and most of their crotch hanging out. At least Rihanna has the good manners to cover her remaining boob with a strapless bra. And cover her bare leg with fishnet stockings. Her booty’s still kinda hanging out, but bish works out. I’m not even mad at her.


The Incredible Things NASA Did to Train Apollo Astronauts

On the anniversary of the first man on the moon, and with the final space shuttle mission set to end Thursday, Wired.com takes a look back at the extraordinary amount of training astronauts go through before they are mission ready. Apollo astronauts practiced every second of their mission, even planting the flag (above), many times, indoors, outdoors, in space suits, underwater, in planes, in centrifuges, in pools, in the ocean and anywhere else NASA saw fit. They were prepared for every contingency and trained for water planned landings as well as desert and jungle survival in case their capsule missed the ocean and hit land. They learned geology, how to withstand g-forces, maneuver in low- and zero-gravity conditions, and how to drive electric rovers and land the lunar module. Here are some of the most memorable photos of the rigorous Apollo astronaut training from NASA's image archive.

Light Painting Art Done Using Swarms of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

This light painting photograph was created by a group of students over in Germany using a swarm of seven Roomba automated vacuum cleaners. Each one had a different colored LED light attached to the top, making the resulting photo look like some kind of robotic Jackson Pollock painting. There’s actually an entire Flickr group dedicated to using Roombas for light painting — check it out of you have one of these robot minions serving you in your home.

Breathtaking Examples Of Night Scene Photography

Night photography although is very challenging due to the low lights level but at the same time it is very rewarding in terms of its popularity and remarkable results. Night photography obliges special equipment for instance, SLR cameras, tripods, cable releases, and flashguns. It is usually conducted after the sunset when the everyday world is transformed into a magic world. For this session, we have collected 43 miraculous examples of night photography which are created by some meticulous and enthusiastic photographers all around the world.

StandAlone Photography That Never Seen Before

All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Everyone in the universe has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; alone, can dream and make his dreams come true. Today's Collections consists of 35 Beautiful Standalone Photography. It consists of a range of talented photographers who tried to shown thoughts of reality.


Falling Star: The Checkered History of the Chevrolet Vega

It sounded so promising at the time. After years of dismissing imported compacts as cars for kooks, GM was finally going to build an attractive, sophisticated subcompact, featuring the latest advances in manufacturing technology. To follow that, Chevrolet going to offer a sporty version with a racy twin-cam engine built by the legendary English firm Cosworth. It was the car that was going to save America for American cars -- that is, until it all went wrong.

Vorsteiner GTRS3 Widebody M3 Unveiled

Bold, Fresh, Cocky or BadAss, they all fit this one here! The Vorsteiner wide body GTRS3 M3 is all that and a bag of chips! The carbon fiber experts at Vorsteiner have out-done themselves, with their latest creation the widebody GTRS3 M3. Designed for the E92 M3, the kit includes a new carbon fiber bumper with a removable splitter, as well as carbon fiber front and rear fenders, side skirts and a new carbon rear bumper with a racing-style diffuser. A carbon fiber hood is also available, as is a carbon trunk and a stainless steel exhaust system.

Gumpert Tornante by Touring

Touring Superleggera and Gumpert have chosen the 2011 Geneva Motor Show stage for the world premiere of the Gumpert Tornante. Touring Superleggera provided the design and body engineering while Gumpert will take care of manufacturing and sales of the next model, complementing the Gumpert range as of 2012. The Tornante is showcased at the stage of 1:1 static style model in the best Italian tradition. Gumpert have gained a reputation for their impressive street legal racing cars. They addressed Touring Superleggera with a call for elegance, more passengers and luggage space, improved comfort, access and ventilation, and noise reduction. However, the fundamentals of performance and dynamic properties had to be respected without compromise. At Touring, designers and body engineers started then a process of creative elimination to define the true essentials of all the parameters involved, limiting unnecessary weight and volume. The result is still a thoroughbred, just a few grades more civilized, with some extra skills for an enjoyable voyage. It is called a Fast Tourer. However, let there be no misunderstanding about its intentions.

The Pontiac Firebird That Could Have Been

Michigan-based Exodus Films unveiled the hero-ride for their upcoming sci-fi flick, Jinn. It's "The Firebreather," a stylized take on what a new Pontiac Firebird might've been. Look familiar? It should. Better news? They're building 50 of them for public purchase. The car was designed by the film's writer and director and Art Center grad AJ Ahmad, who wanted to tie the developing Michigan film industry to the state's history. The Firebreather will be the hero car in the movie, driven by the film's star Ray Park (aka Darth Maul) who was on hand for the unveiling. The car, built by Classic Design Concepts for the film, takes a new Camaro and gives it an all-new, and very handsomely-styled front end, an entirely new tail end with a new spoiler, new hood, some slick custom wheels, the Eibach Pro-Plus performance handling package a embroidered seats. Here's the best part — for Firebird fans who want something a little different, fifty numbered copies of The Firebreather are on sale as of right now with a starting price of $60,000.


Chinese Transformers Fan Builds His Own Army of Robots

All geeks love Transformers, but Yang Junlin of Huizhou, China, took his passion for the franchise to a whole other level when he opened the “Legend of Iron” factory and began producing his own robots. Remebre that uber-cool Megatron Tank we featured a few weeks back? That was one of Yang Junlin’s iron masterpieces, but I had no idea he had created hundreds of other incredible metal sculptures. In 2006, after retiring from the army, Yang went to a concert where various steel sculptures were placed on display. Some of them were simple human figures created from twisted metal wire, but they made such an impression on him, that he decided to try and make his own steel works.

How The Terminator's .45 Longslide With Laser Sighting Came To Be

While Arnie's one-handed reloads on his Winchester 1887 may make that shotgun the most iconic weapon of Terminator 2, his laser-sighted .45 Longslide was definitely king in the first. Laser sights are something you can buy in any gun shop today, but back in 1984 they were extremely rare -- and expensive. The one for the movie was custom made by SureFire, a company that specializes in tactical flashlights. Lasers at the time were helium neon, requiring a whopping 10,000 volts to power on and a constant 1,000 volts to stay bright. To manage this on a shoestring budget in the '80s the weapon had a wire running up Arnie's sleeve to a battery inside his jacket and a switch he had to activate with his other hand. Crude, but effective, and, most importantly, cheap -- SureFire representatives received only a T-shirt and some other assorted movie swag.

What If I Had Bought Apple Stock Instead?

Currently, Apple's stock is at an all time high. A share today is worth over 40 times its value seven years ago. So, how much would you have today if you purchased stock instead of an Apple product? See for yourself in the table below. A huge thanks to everymac.com for the original prices and release dates. All values are calculated using Apple's current stock price according to brivierestockquotes.appspot.com. I have also released the data set behind the calculations, which include Apple's stock price since 1997 as well as almost all Apple products released since 1997.

How To Avoid Speed Traps, Brushfires, And Friends With Your iPhone

Mobile app Trapster just rolled out its 4.0 release and added new features to help users log roadtrips, locate friends, better avoid tickets, and get around rockslides. Even the police are pitching in to aid (and slow) your commute. Trapster started out as a simple way to track where police speed traps so that users could avoid getting ticketed. With the addition of a mobile app for the three most popular smartphones on the market — iPhone, Blackberry, and Android — as well as added text-messaging capability, it allowed people to use their phones as radar detectors, alerting you if you approach a reported speed trap and letting you report new ones. The app has since blossomed into a customizable, data-rich resource. Most of this is because it's free and has a huge base of users.

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