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Sophie Reade Bikini Car Wash Photos!

What’s better on a lazy Sunday afternoon than pictures of a sexy reality show star washing a car in a bikini top and teeny tiny short-shorts? Not much! Here’s 2009 Big Brother UK winner Sophie Reade erotically sponging a Fiat in knee-high pink and white-striped socks, a pair of purple plaid nightie shorts and a pink plaid bikini top. Are those silver high-heeled Chuck Taylors?!?

Katy Perry Ditches Her Clothes for Esquire

Even without the bells and whistles of her confusing hipster clothes Katy Perry is still interesting to look at. Her huge… talent… is actually convincing us that she would be doing the world an enormous favor if she were to never wear clothes again. Oil spill? Forget it. National debt? No problem. All we need is to see some Katy Perry jugs every single day. Aside from kissing girls and allegedly liking it, Katy Perry has been making trips to Toronto, slicing her leg open, and then proceeding to wander around Europe. You gotta admire her burning desire to make Lady Gaga look bad further her career in the entertainment industry.

Diane Kruger And Her Killer Legs Are Very Alluring

Here’s Diane Kruger dropping some serious sex appeal and unleashing her ridiculously sexy legs in the newest issue of Allure magazine. Now I adore everything about this peach (except for the sad fact that she’s dating Pacey from Dawson’s Creek), but most of all I totally dig her killer legs. She has by far one of the sexiest sets of legs that I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot considering I’m somewhat of a leg connoisseur… that’s French for “leg expert”. Ok then, enjoy the legfest, and make sure to check out Allure’s website for more Diane Kruger hotness!

Elisabetta Canalis On Vacation in Mexico!!

While George Clooney focuses teaming with Google and the UN to help Sudan, his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis focuses on showing off that killer bikini bod of hers. The two have been in Cabo to celebrate the holidays where George is probably working while Elisabetta works on her tan.


Fantastic Images from Deep Space

Over 20 years ago, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched the Hubble space telescope into an orbit 347 miles (559 kilometers) above the earth. During these twenty years, the telescope has taken thousands of images which have enlightened and inspired millions of people throughout the world. Studying these images has not only furthered scientists understanding of the beginning, and the end, of the universe, but has allowed, in a way not previously possible, to communicate the incomprehensible vastness of space to the vast majority of people who rarely even bother to look up at the night sky.

NASA Images of Hurricanes from Space

The 2011 hurricane season has begun — a perfect opportunity to look at these amazing storms from a different perspective. NASA offers just the right viewpoint to study Irene (shown above) and a parade of other famous storms. The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season had been quiet — thanks largely to El Nińo — until it lurched awake in August. Tropical storms Ana, Bill and Claudette all formed within five days of each other, and Bill became a deadly Category 4. After a few weeks of spitting out weak storms, however, the Atlantic remained mostly calm in '09 while typhoons plagued the Pacific.

The Top 32 Best Cat Pics from Recent Contest

To celebrate 50k followers on twitter, I offered $50 to whomever sent me the best picture of a cat. To my surprise, most were domestic cats - and not big cats like lions...and tigers...ohh my. Here are the top 32 that came in from that contest - with #1 being the winner, thanks to @imagodhamma on twitter. Fernando Felix - who picture won the contest, also has a great gallery of cat shots here.

The Ultimate BLT Sandwich

It’s confession time. Along with all my other food obsessions, I can now add sandwiches, in every way, shape and form to that list. I’m not talking about a cheese sandwich on ‘plastic’ bread or a regular peanut butter & syrup sandwich, I’m talking about good quality breads topped with simple but great ingredients cooked/prepared with love and attention. It’s almost impossible to go wrong when you follow those guidelines. Another confession, I never liked BLT sandwiches. They were always sub-standard and almost bland, the bacon being the only component to add any flavor. I felt the tomatoes washed out all the flavour and so steered clear of them since about 4 years ago.


MotoCzysz Puts the Sizzle in Electric Motorcycles

We are in the midst of an electric motorcycle revolution, and nowhere is that more obvious than on the racetrack. The new technology is not about tweaking the status quo. It’s about shattering it. And that’s just what Michael Czysz plans to do at the TT Zero motorcycle race. The head guy at MotoCzysz — that’s pronounced MotoSizz, as in sizzle — is returning to the Isle of Man for another run at the famed Mountain Course on a supersexy electric motorcycle that is sure to make your heart skip a beat. Last year’s bike, the equally gorgeous E1PC, used three motors and 10 lithium-ion batteries. Czysz says it would do zero to 120 mph in seven seconds, but we’ll have to take his word for it. Mechanical gremlins sidelined the bike during the inaugural TTXGP electric motorcycle race. As good as that bike may have been, it’s last year’s model. The bike we’ll see this year shares just 10 percent of its parts with the E1PC. Czysz says the technology is changing too fast to look back.

Jet-powered School Time Jet School Bus Sets an eye on 350mph

Some people have outrageous habit of staying in the fast lane, pushing that speed limit all the while. Paul Stender is one daredevil who challenges the limits with his extreme jet powered creations. After the jet-powered cars and the famed Port-o-Jet jet-powered outhouse, Paul’s new creation is the jet-engine-equipped School Time Jet School Bus, which is slated to make presence at the Vectren Dayton Air Show. Powered by General Electric J-79 jet engine straight out of a F4 Phantom fighter jet, the big yellow school bus, which is the largest jet vehicle, does excitingly fast 350mph. This 42,000 hp, 10-foot-high, 35-foot-long bus blasts a 75-foot flame out its exhaust, good enough to scare the shit out of all spectators around, so if you’re at Vectren Dayton, just try and maintain adequate distance from the bus, for your safety of course.

Mean Green Mother: The Dodge Challenger

Successful car design is as much a matter of prognostication as engineering skill or styling acumen. Even today, with the benefits of computers, the lead time for a new model is at least three years. To be successful, a design has to take into account not only where the market is now, but where it’s going to be three years from now. If you show up late to the dance, it may not matter how stylishly you’re dressed or how clever your moves. Dodge learned that the hard way in the early 1970s when it made its belated entry into the "pony car" market: the formidable but ill-fated Dodge Challenger.

Oddest-Named New-Car Features

Automakers not only strive to develop new gizmos and gadgets to capture the hearts and minds of new-car buyers, they love to create intriguing names for what are otherwise relatively mundane components. As introduced on the 1941 Chrysler Imperial, power windows were dubbed as being “Hydro-Electric,” while the car’s optional automatic transmission was called the “Vacamatic.” In the 1960’s, Oldsmobiles didn’t come powered by mere V8 engines – they were “Rocket 88s.” Buick’s once offered a “Super Sonomatic” car radio, and later designated its bump-absorbing suspension “Dynaride.” That sort of oddball naming convention lives on in the 21st Century, with high-tech-sounding suffixes like “–tronic” and “–matic” continuing to abound and confound, particularly among upscale automakers to help their cars seem more, well, special.


IR Light and Camcorder used to make Cheap Night Vision Hunting Solution

Snypercat has been working on a way to hunt farm rats at night. There is no place for rats on a farm, they spread disease eat the food for your animals and will get you shut down if you plan on selling what you grow or raise. Snypercat knows that the best time to hunt rats is when they are most active which is at night. Only problem is us humans can’t see very well at night and if normal lighting was used it would scare away the rats. Her solution was to attach a Sony night vision camcorder to the scope of a gun. A large IR illuminator is then needed since she will be a long way from the prey she is hunting. The large wide spread type of IR illuminator worked not bad but since they are normally used for night vision cameras it has a very wide beam of light. She found that the optimal solution was a IR flashlight since it can be focused to a tight beam just where it is needed which might be a few hundred feet away.

In Vestimentis Ursum. There's a robot beneath the fluff.

I've always been curious about stuffed animals that sing, dance, light up, or talk back. There must be a fascinating robot underneath the fur and fluff, right? Surely the robot hiding in the bear's clothing, vestimentis ursum, is impressive. So: armed with my childish curiousity and the spurious excuse of 'product design research,' I set out to discover what, exactly, these creatures are hiding.

If the Earth Stood Still

The following is not a futuristic scenario. It is not science fiction. It is a demonstration of the capabilities of GIS to model the results of an extremely unlikely, yet intellectually fascinating query: What would happen if the earth stopped spinning? ArcGIS was used to perform complex raster analysis and volumetric computations and generate maps that visualize these results. The most significant feature on any map that depicts even a portion of the earth's ocean is the spatial extent of that water body. Typically, we do not pay much attention to the delineation of the sea because it seems so obvious and constant that we do not realize it is a foundation of geography and the basis for our perception of the physical world.

Use Googles Open Spot Android App To Find Parking Spots

Google's new Open Spot Android app turns finding open parking spots into a social game. You earn "karma points" for marking down available parking spots while others earn open parking spots by tracking down those marked spots. Each time you mark down an available parking spot in Open Spot, you gain a karma point. The more karma points you get, the better you feel about yourself, or something like that. The marked spot shows up in the Open Spot app for 20 minutes and is shown in a time-sensitive color: red for freshly marked, orange for spots marked 5 minutes ago and yellow for spots marked 10 minutes ago. Parking spot applications have been done before, but not with the big G attached. But even with Google, Open Space's success hinges on getting enough users in the game.

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