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Carmen Electra - Still Hot. Still Too Good for Us

Blah, blah, Carmen Electra is still too hot for us, blah. I cannot believe that she is still so amazing. The poster of her that I ... admire... every night looks exactly like the gallery below. It's incredible. I guess money does buy happiness. I.e., the ability to not age. And cool stuff.

Sofia Vergara Drops Some Cleavage And Gets Ultra Curvy For Kmart.

Here’s the bodaciously hot Sofia Vergara dropping my jaw with a shwingtastic display of her uber hotness, awesome cleavage, and wicked curves… for Kmart. Yeah, I didn’t believe the photo description either, but it’s true. And it is so freaking hoooooot! Good lord, will you get a load of those rollercoaster curves!? What am I saying? You cats are probably too busy drooling over the photos that you’re not even read this. And I don’t blame you. Anyways, enjoy!

Erin Heatherton Contorts Pencil-thin Body Into Various Shapes As She Stretches During Yoga

Pouting away down the runway or from the pages in a glossy magazine, Erin Heatherton usually looks effortless and other-worldly. But today she appeared very real as she showed the strain of keeping her body trim with a sweaty private yoga session. The pretty blonde was seen contorting into various shapes as she sweltered under the Miami sun, spending most of the time on her knees before standing on her head with the help of an instructor.

Is This Woman Too Hot To Be a Banker?

Everything about Debrahlee Lorenzana is hot. Even her name sizzles. At five-foot-six and 125 pounds, with soft eyes and flawless bronze skin, she is J.Lo curves meets Jessica Simpson rack meets Audrey Hepburn elegance—a head-turning beauty. In many ways, the story of her life has been about getting attention from men—both the wanted and the unwanted kind. But when she got fired last summer from her job as a banker at a Citibank branch in Midtown—her bosses cited her work performance—she got even hotter. She sued Citigroup, claiming that she was fired solely because her bosses thought she was too hot.


The Helpful Hippo That Rescues Helpless Animals From Mara River

But as they watched thousands of animals cross the raging Mara river they were astonished to see a hippo come to the rescue of two drowning stragglers. The strong current separated a wildebeest, or gnu, from her calf and she watched helplessly as it was swept away. ‘To everyone’s amazement the hippo came to the gnu’s rescue and pushed it gently to the river bank,’ said Abdul Karim, the head guide at Sanctuary Olonana in the Masai Mara, Kenya. The infant panted for a moment before getting up and running to its watching mother. But the female hippo’s work did not finish there. Within ten minutes she spotted a little zebra crossing the same stretch of water and pushed it across, its tiny head struggling to keep above the torrent.

The Art of Discarded Lottery Tickets

Curious about how people spend their winnings after hitting it big with the lottery, collaborative artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom channeled their research into astounding representational sculptures of dream desires like a Hummer, a yacht and a large home using scratch-off lottery tickets. Working under the moniker Ghost of a Dream, the duo specifically match the monetary value of the lottery tickets to the price of each item. For example, the "Dream Home" (pictured at top) is made out of $70,000 of discarded tickets, and is complete with impressive decor, such as a chandelier, framed portraits, an "antique" clock and vase with budding flowers.

Afghanistan Through Teenagers' Eyes

What happens when you give cameras to a group of Kabul teens? You see Afghanistan not as a place of war and violence, but as a country where children still play and life carries on. Razia Rezayi, 19, captured a class of young girls volunteering to read. Some of the student photographers had never held a camera prior to this project, funded by a $105,000 grant from the American Association of Museums.

Nature Photography That Looks Like Fake But Aren’t

Some of the most beautiful examples of nature photography that looks like fake but they arn’t. You might have not seen these beautiful pics before. These includes photographs of trees, water scapes, fields, sun sets , sun rises etc. and are taken by amazing photographers on deviant art. Hope you enjoy them!


Spy Shots: Audi A7 Caught Testing In The Cold

It's been over a year since the Audi Sportback concept debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, and based on these spy shots, it won't be much longer until the production version debuts – we're guessing that it could show up as early as next month's Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed A7, this four-door sedan sports a coupe-like profile and will slot between the A6 and A8 in Audi's lineup. Think of it as a more stylish alternative to the A8 like the Volkswagen CC is to the Passat. Whether or not the market can bear the weight of yet another schizophrenic sedan remains to be seen, as they can already choose between the segment's creator, the Mercedes-Benz CLS, and cars like the Jaguar XF and aforementioned Volkswagen CC.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport LOr Blanc

With the partnership between Bugatti and the Königliche Porzellan-Manufatur Berlin (KPM) the renowned manufacturer emphasizes the ability in creating pieces of automotive art. The "L'Or Blanc" celebrates its world premiere with an exclusive unveiling ceremony on June 30, 2011 at the KPM workshops in Berlin. This unique version of a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is the world's first motor car to wear the finest porcelain on its body, as well as in its cabin. It captivates with an abstract exterior design. The security officer nods, the door opens. Amidst pure white walls bright spotlights illuminate a Bugatti Grand Sport that is placed in the center of the spacious room. We have entered the hidden world of the Bugatti Design Studio. The team around Bugatti's Head of Design Achim Anscheidt works in a quiet and focused atmosphere as they walk around their latest object of desire.

High-Tech 2WD Ostoure Superbike Is Straight Out of Skynet's Garage

The Ostoure concept is a "super naked" motorcycle concept sprung from the mind of designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie and possibly Skynet. The Ostoure ("Legend" in Persian) boasts two-wheel drive, Bluetooth helmet support, HUD indicators, multiple radiators, and an AC system (?), although that's all hypothetical given the fact this puppy is a prototype design. Throw on some side-mounted Gatling guns and this would be right at home on the set of Terminator: Salvation.

Pfaff Tuning Shows Off Matte-Black R8 and Champion Motorsport Porsche Carrera

With what might be the largest Porsche dealer in Canada, Pfaff also has a tuning department, dedicated to giving more power and performance to customer’s who demand more from their car. And apparently, Pfaff also likes to deliver more style, showing off both a matte-black Audi R8, as well as a matte-black Carrera C4S. The Carrera is a special model, featuring a mild upgrade package from Champion Motorsport, a Florida-based tuner associated with the Champion race team that ran the Audi R8 race cars in North American several years back. Rather than the low-cost option of a wrap, this matte-black Porsche is actually painted. It also features a set of black Champion RF67 wheels with a nice red pinstripe.


Weird And Wonderful Gadgets That Never Quite Took Off

It was the invention of the future - a tiny machine complete with its own map that would tell motorists which way to go. But this was no satnav - after all, the communications satellites that help modern cars locate themselves were still decades away. Instead, the route-finder for the well-equipped 1920s driver was a wristwatch-style device equipped with minuscule maps. Miniature scrolls bearing the directions were loaded onto the watch and revolved as the wearer continued his journey. The 1920s TomTom never took off - perhaps because there were too few motorists to buy them. It is one of the labour and face-saving devices to go on display from a private collection of weird and wonderful gadgets from the past.

Authorities in Awe of Drug Runners' Jungle-Built, Kevlar-Coated Supersubs

The clatter of helicopter blades echoed across the jungles of northwestern Ecuador. Antinarcotics commandos in three choppers peered at the mangroves below, scanning for any sign of activity. The police had received a tip that a gang of Colombian drug smugglers had set up a clandestine work site here, in a dense swamp 5 miles south of Colombia’s border. And whatever the traffickers were building, the tipster had warned, was truly enormous. For decades, Colombian drug runners have pursued their trade with diabolical ingenuity, staying a step ahead of authorities by coming up with one innovation after another. When false-paneled pickups and tractor-trailers began drawing suspicion at US checkpoints, the cartels and their Mexican partners built air-conditioned tunnels under the border. When border agents started rounding up too many human mules, one group of Colombian smugglers surgically implanted heroin into purebred puppies. But the drug runners’ most persistently effective method has also been one of the crudest—semisubmersible vessels that cruise or are towed just below the ocean’s surface and can hold a ton or more of cocaine.

Boy Grows Leg By A Foot - By Turning Screws

Simeon Fairburn has been performing the grisly daily procedure to fill a gaping hole left after surgeons removed a tumour. The 14-year-old initially faced amputation but – two years and 20 operations later – he can dream again of becoming a basketball player. Simeon suffered osteofibrous dysplasia, a condition that occurs when the body grows fibrous tumour instead of bone. Doctors fitted a brace to his leg and he has to turn tiny screws four times a day to encourage the remaining bone to stretch by just 1mm at a time. ‘There were some days where I thought I might never be able to walk again,’ Simeon said. ‘I’ve always loved basketball and couldn’t get enough of it so that helped keep me focus. ‘The brace was really weird for the first few months but the more times I looked at it I started to get more relaxed,’ he added. ‘I never thought about giving up turning the screws. I would always do them – but there were times when I would skip a few days accidentally and the next day I would have to double it just to keep up.’ Dr Geoff Donald, who trained at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in central London, masterminded the procedure. ‘It’s very difficult to grow bone. You have to trick the body into thinking you have a fracture,’ he said.

Whole-Tree Building: How to Craft Super-Natural Eco-Homes

The effect is astonishing: by using the natural shape of trees rather than milling them into dimensional lumber, the resulting architecture becomes organic and lifelike as if it were a living, breathing and growing structure – though correspondingly more difficult to construct, each custom branch and trunk needing to fit somehow in with the rest.

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