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Gemma Atkinson Bikini Pics From Aruba

I gotta admit, ever since we started posting bikini pics of Gemma Atkinson, there’s been no decrease in the level of hotness. It’s literally amazing b/c she’s always on point and that’s why I’m shocked that we don’t see much more of her on these pages. Either she needs a new agent or she needs to really refocus on her career of showing off her hotness to the thirsty masses. These latest photos were snapped earlier today as the British soap star gemma Atkinson enjoyed a morning on the beach in Aruba with her lightweight boxer boyfriend Liam Richards. More about Liam’s boxing record here. Because it’s been more than a year since we last posted Gemma on the site, let’s revisit her Wiki, as well as some of her classic photos from over the years.

J-Woww Smash

The whores from MTVs Jersey Shore brought some friggin class to some friggin gym in Miami yesterday, and J-Woww went at the heavy bag like it was one of them, “friggin darkies”. Then they went and had some smokes to cool down. That smooth blend of rich tobacco provides pure smoking flavor and helps sooth your aching muscles.

Minka Kelly has a Stalker

Minka Kelly fled her Beverly Hills apartment ... when she found her tires and the canvas top of her 2008 Audi convertible slashed in early December. "It didn’t look like a random act. Minka’s car was parked in her assigned space under a carport with several other cars," a source told The Enquirer. "But only Minka’s car was vandalized. It terrified her. Minka kept sobbing to [her boyfriend] Derek [Jeter], ‘Oh, my God, oh, my God! Why me? Who would do this?’" The couple reported the incident to police. Afterward, Derek tried to ease Minka’a panic. “Derek was incredibly protective,” said the source. “He wouldn’t let Minka out of his sight for a minute. He told her, ‘You’re getting out of here. Tell your landlord you’re moving! We’re finding you someplace else to live.’” Minka didn’t argue, and she moved out the next day. She’s now staying at an undisclosed location, according to the source.

Cheryl Burke is Sorta Famous, on Vacation

Dancing with the Stars' . . . um . . . "dancer" . . . Cheryl Burke was in the Dominican Republic yesterday frolicking in the waves. And no one really cared. No one batted an eyelash. Business went on as usual. One guy did point at her -- which got Cheryl pretty excited that someone recognized her -- but that was only because he thought he saw a boat behind her.


The Killer Redback Spiders And Other Creepy Crawlies Invading Our Homes From Abroad

For almost 1,000 years, Britain has been able to defend itself against any wannabe-conqueror who fancied seizing the kingdom. But after successfully seeing off the likes of Napoleon and Hitler, our shores have finally been breached by an army of lethal foreign invaders. For a new survey shows that homes across Britain have become infested by killer spiders, biting ants and skin-crawling cockroaches shipped in from distant lands. The survey of local authority pest control teams illustrates the wide variety of exotic pests now established in UK homes - and experts believe their numbers are increasing. Among the most terrifying revelations are the numerous sightings of the redback spider - believed to be responsible for 14 fatalities in its native Australia. The pea-sized killer has been found in Scotland, Wales and the Midlands.

The Wonders of China

Photographer Feng Jiang holds a Ph.D from the University of York. These are the absolute best pictures of China we’ve ever seen. Travel photography in China reaches new heights. The splendor of the land complemented by growing skills and technology makes for a fascinating viewing. Here are a few samples.

Lost in Time: The Disused Kingsway Tram Subway

Lurking deep beneath London is a labyrinth of tunnels incorporating underground railways, secret passages, drainage systems and subterranean chambers. The "Tube" is famous as the oldest and most extensive underground railway network in the world, but what about less well known forms of subterranean transport? The long-abandoned Kingsway Tram Subway is an elusive place that offers a unique glimpse into the past.

Blazing Fire Performance

Today i have gathered amazing and blazing photography of people performing fire dance, tactics etc. This gives an impressive view which stuns the viewers though it is very dangerous type of performance. These performers are highly trained and talented. You can reach the image sources pages by clicking on the image. These all photographs are taken by MattTheSamurai from Deviant Art , You can visit his gallery here Hope you enjoy it and don’t try your self.


Two Motorcycles Become One Car

This is the real deal in modern wild design. This is the “Plug-In” affordable youth mobility project by Ramesh Gound. According to Gound, there is a big “buy 1 get 1 free” shopping attitude in the market around the Ahmedabad area of India. This simple concept gave Gound the idea to take two motorcycles and attach them in the middle. Each motorcycle is owned by its respective party, a young person with a big appetite for sports vehicles but a small pocketbook, then they attach. Once two motos attach in the middle, they become that fantastic sports car from heaven. Two drive-by-wire bikes are owned by separate people. They wanna attach them for a longer drive or some sort of trip that’s not great for motorcycle, or hey, if they just wanna cruuuze… they attach in the center of the two. The hood is made of D3O, which when the bikes are not attached, stows away in the bike configuration. This whole concept is aimed to take on congested cities such as Mumbai.

Oddest-Named New-Car Features

Automakers not only strive to develop new gizmos and gadgets to capture the hearts and minds of new-car buyers, they love to create intriguing names for what are otherwise relatively mundane components. As introduced on the 1941 Chrysler Imperial, power windows were dubbed as being “Hydro-Electric,” while the car’s optional automatic transmission was called the “Vacamatic.” In the 1960’s, Oldsmobiles didn’t come powered by mere V8 engines – they were “Rocket 88s.” Buick’s once offered a “Super Sonomatic” car radio, and later designated its bump-absorbing suspension “Dynaride.” That sort of oddball naming convention lives on in the 21st Century, with high-tech-sounding suffixes like “–tronic” and “–matic” continuing to abound and confound, particularly among upscale automakers to help their cars seem more, well, special.

Dealer Accidentally Remote Starts Customer's Mustang Right Into A Pond?

Ready to play armchair Johnny Cochran? Here's a story about a horse that got lead to water and then dove in. A Mustang Forum member, luckydawg003 (LD), took his manual-tranny 2007 Mustang GT in for warranty repair to Brandon Ford in Tampa, Florida. When he went to pick it up, the service manager departed to retrieve his car, then came back ten minutes later to say he had some bad news. According to LD, someone left the car in gear without the parking brake on, and when the service manager pressed the remote start button twice to start the car, it leaped to life and drove out of the dealer's lot, through a chain link fence and into a pond, getting completely submerged.

New Rules Make It Easier For Veterans To Earn CDl After Leaving Service

In an attempt to make it easier for active and reserve members of all US military branches to get a commercial driver's license (CDL), the Military Commercial Driver's License Act of 2012 was passed by Congress in September and signed by the president last month. The old process made servicemen wait a year to gain residency where they're stationed before they could apply for a CDL. Now, rather than having to go back to their home states to complete the process, the new law lets them get a CDL faster and easier wherever they happen to be stationed.


Sir, Your Liver Is Ready: Behind the Scenes of Bioprinting

Say goodbye to donor lists and organ shortages. A biotech firm has created a printer that prints veins using a patients’ own cells. The device could potentially create whole organs in the future. “Right now we’re really good at printing blood vessels,” says Ben Shepherd, senior research scientist at regenerative-medicine company Organovo. “We printed 10 this week. We’re still learning how to best condition them to be good, strong blood vessels.” Most organs in the body are filled with veins, so the ability to print vascular tissue is a critical building block for complete organs. The printed veins are about to start testing in animal trials, and eventually go through human clinical trials. If all goes well, in a few years you may be able to replace a vein that has deteriorated (due to frequent injections of chemo treatment, for example) with custom-printed tissue grown from your own cells.

The Martin Jetpack

It's been a long time coming. While Arthur C. Clarke's satellites have taken to space, and James Bond's futuristic mobile technology has become common place, still the dream of sustained personal flight has eluded us. But the future is here! Finally we can all take flight as Martin Aircraft in New Zealand releases the first commercially-available jet pack!

Spreading Lionfish Invasion Threatens Bahamas

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew smashed an aquarium tank in Florida. About a half-dozen spiny, venomous lionfish washed into the Atlantic Ocean, spawning an invasion that could kill off local industry along with the native fish. People come to the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas to kayak between tiny, uninhabited islands and dive in the shallow, turquoise water. Above the water, the landscape looks like a pristine tropical paradise. But the same isn't true beneath the waves. "In 2005, the first lionfish showed up, and we didn't pay much attention to it," says Oregon State University zoology professor Mark Hixon, who has studied reef fish here for almost two decades. "The next year, we saw a few more. Then in 2007 there was a population explosion. There were so many lionfish around that they were eating the fish we were studying, and we had to start studying the lionfish. There was nothing else to do."

Child Plays Dead on Google Street View, Horrifies a Nation

Horrified by an image of a Google Street View image of child lying face-down in a gutter with her shoes cast off, residents of Worcester (England, not Massachusetts) contacted the authorities. Luckily, little Azura Beebeejaun is just playin, y'all. The Daily Mail reports that concerned Worcesterians thought Google Street View's image of Middle Road depicted the corpse of child. Gumshoe reporters tracked down the child in question—Azura Beebeejaun, age ten—and discovered that little Miss Beebeejaun was alive and well. The child claimed she did not know Google Street View was taking her picture the day she played dead in a gutter near her home. To comfort her worried fans, Miss Beebeejaun posed for a photograph in which she wears an outfit similar to the one she wore on the day she did not die.

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