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Bar Refaeli Dangerous Bikini Pics

Model and agent for the Israeli Mossad, Bar Refaeli went on the offensive against Islam by showing her dangerously tight ass in a bikini. Obviously Bar Refaeli showing her exquisite anus in a bikini like this is just another one of her Jew tricks to distract the Muslim man from his righteous Jihading against the Zionist controlled infidel west. Well Bar Refaeli your little ploy will not work! In fact we will redouble our efforts, for we know that once we become martyrs and arrive in paradise we will receive much rounder and tighter asses then your treacherous Jew behind. Oh and they won’t have been defiled with DiCaprio spunk. Allahu Akbar!

Olinda Cataneda Girl Next Door

Olinda Castaneda has an elegant look with a supermodel body. This stunning model from Peru was one of the finalists of the Most Beautiful Latina pageant in Las Vegas that took place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, won by her friend from Peru, Girl Next Door Elody Gamarra. We got some beautiful photos of both of them in the morning at the Hard Rock Pool as the sun was rising and then we got more great stuff next to a more intimate pool and hot tub

Sofia Vergara Drops Some Cleavage And Gets Ultra Curvy For Kmart.

Here’s the bodaciously hot Sofia Vergara dropping my jaw with a shwingtastic display of her uber hotness, awesome cleavage, and wicked curves… for Kmart. Yeah, I didn’t believe the photo description either, but it’s true. And it is so freaking hoooooot! Good lord, will you get a load of those rollercoaster curves!? What am I saying? You cats are probably too busy drooling over the photos that you’re not even read this. And I don’t blame you. Anyways, enjoy!

Alessandra Ambrosio Rocks a Bikini For a Day of Surfing and Sun in Hawaii

Alessandra Ambrosio hit the beach in a two-piece Saturday in Hawaii. She's off on a family vacation with her fiancé Jamie Mazur and their young daughter, Anja. The afternoon on the sand included a bit of surfing for Alessandra before she retired to a deck chair with Anja. It was apparently great fun for Alessandra, who tweeted, "surfing in Waikiki is just amazing!" We last saw Alessandra Ambrosio in her bikini earlier this Summer, in May, during a Memorial Day stroll in Malibu with her family and little dog. There's been lots of work for Alessandra since then. She hit the CFDA Awards in June and then went to her home country of Brazil to shoot ads for Colcci alongside Ashton Kutcher. Alessandra is resting up now, though, writing yesterday on Twitter, "Hawaii, sunset, spa — so relaxing!"


Shipping Containers and Cars Stacked High as Colorful Eco Sculptures

Shipping containers are often repurposed as houses, apartments and studios, but Swedish artist Michael Johansson sees them as building blocks for his sculptures. In a new exhibit in Umeå, Sweden, Johansson stacks shipping containers, shipping pallets, trash cans, a volvo, a tractor and an old RV to create art that any hipster would be jealous of. The result is Self Contained, a three dimensional temporary wall that is a fascinating collage of textures, colors and repurposed objects. Self Contained is part of a larger group exhibit called Umedalan Skulptur 2010 and went on display on June 5th and will be up until the 15h of August. The temporary wall could certainly be viewed as the remnants of an industrialized Sweden – for instance, take the Volvo stacked on top.

Volcano-chaser Braves Some Of Earth's Most Dangerous Situations

Most people would think themselves unlucky if they passed a volcano as it erupted, but this counts as a good day at the office for one photographer. Martin Rietze is part of a select group of volcano-chasers who seek out the exploding phenomena, and braves huge electric storms and boiling lava to get the perfect shots. The 45-year-old travels around the world's volcano hotspots, from Costa Rica to Italy, in his pursuit of Earth's greatest fiery spectacle.

Baatara Gorge – the Waterfall that Drops into a Cave

Only discovered in 1952 the Baatara Waterfall in Lebanon is something more than a little unusual. If waterfalls can be said to have a trick up their sleeve then this one has one of the best. The waterfall drops a staggering 837 feet (255 meters) in to an enormous cave of Jurassic limestone. Situated on the Lebanon Mountain Trail the abyss in to which the waterfall drops is also known as the Three Bridge Chasm. It gets this name because the journey in to the valley below takes in three naturally formed bridges, each rising above the one below.

Confused Flamingo's Epic Fall From Grace Causes Ripples

Usually known for their ability to stand on one leg without any trouble for hours at a time, this daft bird's balance totally escaped him as he took a tumble in a lake while going for a quick paddle. Strolling through the shallow pool in his enclosure at Moscow Zoo, the flamingo went to dip his head under the water to cool off. But, with his head well and truly submerged, he lost his footing and plunged head over feet into the water. As he desperately splashed about, the confused bird begins to do somersaults with his legs wildly flailing in all directions. After flipping over several times and almost sinking, the flamingo eventually managed to regain his composure and casually swam away like nothing had happened.


Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa unveiled at Villa D'Este

The Zagato-designed Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa has been unveiled at the Villa D'Este concours, and frankly, it's spectacular. Driven by the Alfa 8C Competizione's V8, the TZ3 is very much in keeping with its 60s-era predecessors, the TZ1 and TZ2, sporting similar detail elements and the same near-breadvan profile. Also like the originals, this is a legit racing car. Unlike its forbears, however, the new machine wears aluminum bodywork stretched over a tube frame and carbon-fiber chassis. Power, as indicated before, is also of thoroughly modern origin. Zagato says the TZ3 was commissioned by German collector Martin Kapp as a special celebration of 100 years of racing from Scuderia Ferrari, Alfa Corse, Autodelta, and Scuderia Zagato. On that "special" bit, we think it's safe to say, "mission accomplished" - with class and panache to spare.

Airbus Ready to Start Assembly of New Composite Airliner

Early tomorrow morning Airbus will officially open the assembly line for its new A350 XWB composite airliner. It’s the company’s Boeing 787 competitor, and you could almost hear the Jaws theme as Airbus rolled out the 33-foot-tall composite vertical tail. The A350 XWB is the European consortium’s answer to 787 Dreamliner. The Airbus is slightly larger, and like the Dreamliner, the A350 XWB uses composite materials extensively throughout the airplane. Though there is one major difference between the two aircraft: The 787 uses single-piece composite barrels that are joined together to form the fuselage, while the A350 uses composite panels attached to a metal skeleton to create the body.

007’s Aston Martin For Sale. Machine Guns Included

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 is for sale. This is the first time the iconic car has been offered to the public, and it is expected to fetch more than $5 million. We’re already buying lottery tickets. Owning a DB5 would be awesome under any circumstances, but this one sports a compliment of gadgets outfitted by Q. They’re all there — the revolving license plates, the bulletproof shield, the oil slick- and smokescreen-makers and the extending spinning knockoffs. You even get the machine guns that poke out from the front turn signals. They don’t fire — and never have — but they do move into position at the push of a button. Just the thing for scaring the bejesus out of morons puttering along in the fast lane. No one’s saying whether the ejection seat works.

More Pics And Details On The Brabus T65 Rs Vanish

Before Brabus turned its T65 RS Vanish over to its rightful owner, it took the car to Glamor Shots for a round under the lights and here are the results. The former Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series is now a twin-turbo, 800-horsepower brute with 811 pound-feet of electronically limited peak torque – the engine's uncorked potential is 1,047 pound-feet. About the only other limit the Vanish has is top speed: it's capable of 206 miles per hour, but is limited to "only" 200. Your own SL65 AMG Black Series probably won't go that fast right now, but Brabus has good news: everything on the Vanish can be ordered up for your car. Except that "One-off" plaque, of course. Have a look at the Brabus press release after the jump, and at the Vanish from all angles in the gallery of high-res photos below.


DIY Group Sends $25 Balloon to 70,000 Feet

DIY projects are all about sweat, tears and learning from mistakes. Just ask a group of electronics hobbyists that recently launched a $25 balloon bought off eBay with a payload carrying an Android G1 phone, two cameras and other assorted electronics up to nearly 70,000 feet in the air. “Fundamentally, we are all space enthusiasts,” says Mikolaj Habryn, one of the participants.”We wanted to see if you can get a balloon up to high altitudes that can be ultimately used for ideas such as mounting a telescope or measuring radiation levels.” The team successfully launched the balloon and gathered some great photographs but also made some fatal mistakes in their planning.

Anatomy of a $60 Video Game

Ever wonder where your hard-earned money goes after you've plunked $60 down on a game at GameStop or Target? Here's one answer. Much of the data came via a slide shown Thursday by Steve Perlman, founder of OnLive, an on-demand video game service based in Palo Alto. Perlman, who spoke during the Design Innovate Communicate Entertain Summit in Las Vegas, showed the slide as part of an update on his company's service, which is expected to launch later this year. Another way to look at it is to say publishers such as Activision and Electronic Arts receive $45 after retailers take a $15 cut. Publishers turn around and pay a $7 licensing fee to console manufacturers such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The cost of making, packaging and shipping game discs to stores carves up another $4. Finally, not all games sell, so the expense of returning unsold inventory eats up another $7.

3D Milling Machine Made From LEGO Parts

Arthur Sacek doesn’t just play with LEGO bricks. He makes functioning machines. It gets fancier. He builds machines that are actually 3D printers. Watch how the milling machine is used to print a 3D face in the video after the jump.

How To Research An Unknown Online Retailer

So you just spotted that gizmo you've been lusting for at unbeatable price, but the only problem is it's for sale at an online retailer you've never heard of. How do you know if they're trustworthy? Consumerist reader "Gigantic Robotic Penguin" (don't let the name turn you off) has put together a comprehensive guide to evaluating unknown online retailers. All these steps add up to a matrix that can either reassure you or make you want to run the other way.

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