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Sophie Reade Bikini Car Wash Photos!

What’s better on a lazy Sunday afternoon than pictures of a sexy reality show star washing a car in a bikini top and teeny tiny short-shorts? Not much! Here’s 2009 Big Brother UK winner Sophie Reade erotically sponging a Fiat in knee-high pink and white-striped socks, a pair of purple plaid nightie shorts and a pink plaid bikini top. Are those silver high-heeled Chuck Taylors?!?

Erin Heatherton Contorts Pencil-thin Body Into Various Shapes As She Stretches During Yoga

Pouting away down the runway or from the pages in a glossy magazine, Erin Heatherton usually looks effortless and other-worldly. But today she appeared very real as she showed the strain of keeping her body trim with a sweaty private yoga session. The pretty blonde was seen contorting into various shapes as she sweltered under the Miami sun, spending most of the time on her knees before standing on her head with the help of an instructor.

Carmen Electra - Still Hot. Still Too Good for Us

Blah, blah, Carmen Electra is still too hot for us, blah. I cannot believe that she is still so amazing. The poster of her that I ... admire... every night looks exactly like the gallery below. It's incredible. I guess money does buy happiness. I.e., the ability to not age. And cool stuff.

Peaches Geldof Died Yesterday At 25

I've been writing this site for like, what, 7 years, and I still only have a cursory knowledge of Peaches Geldof. Like most of you, I know the name and the fact her dad was the Live Aid guy, but that's pretty much it. But, unless they were a monster, its always fucked up when somebody dies this young regardless of the situation. Everybody was sad about Mickey Rooney yesterday, but homey was 93. He probably added a nitrous tank to his wheelchair so he could ride into the white light fan.


Buzludzha Monument – Abandoned Relic of Bulgaria’s Communist Past

Buzludzha National Park in the beautiful Central Stara Planina, is situated right in the middle of Bulgaria at the heart of its rose growing area (one of the country’s main exports). Yet when one arrives at the Shipka Pass there awaits something quite unexpected. It is as if a huge flying saucer has chosen this spot in the Balkan Mountains for a leisurely pit stop and was then signposted, but abandoned by its owners. Yet this colossal concrete edifice (spelled variously Buzludja and Buzludža) has a history much more down to earth than that. It is what remains of an extravagantly expensive project by the leaders of the country’s old communist regime to tie up their own system of government with the mythos of the country’s 1300 year old foundation as an independent state. Forget your past? Hardly something the firecely proud people of this country might do - or so you might think.

Crippled B-29 Crashes On Iwo Jima

Returning from a strike over Tokyo, this B-29 of the 21st Bomber Command came into Iwo Jima for an emergency landing. Brakes on the Superfort locked and the huge plane careened into the flight line, plowed through four Mustang fighters, and burst into flames. Two members of the crew were hospitalized for burns, two others suffered minor burns end the remainder escaped unhurt. Men in the foreground crouch behind a jeep to avoid exploding ammunition.

National Geographic Unique Moments

Some moments can be captured only once in a lifetime and when that moment comes you better hold on to it and make it last by photographing it with your camera. Here is a revision of the most unique moments captured on national geographic photos in the past 3 years. A big thanks to all professional photographers that are out there, bringing this kind of beautiful photography into our lives. They are one happy people and there is only one thing to be said about there efforts.

Astonishing Children Photography

Children are somewhat misterious beings. Their eyes say a lot when words are really unnecessary. And of course, there are some photographers that just know how to capture a child's spirit.Taken all over the world, these pictures really say a lot, when you just check these out. They're gorgeous. Hope you all like it!


A Used Tesla Roadster Isn’t as Cheap as You’d Think

The Tesla Roadster was the supercar for the early adopter, an electric-powered adrenaline rush that could run with the best from Germany, Italy and beyond. The six-figure price-tag put the car out of reach to mere mortals, which left some folks thinking they’d pick up a used one and save a few bucks. Think again. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll have to spend. With the introduction of the Model S, some Roadster owners are trading up. Tesla Motors has announced a resale program for pre-owned Roadsters from the 1.5 version of 2008 through the 2.5 variant that arrived in 2010. Prices for those brand-new Roadsters spanned the spectrum from $120,000 to $160,000 with all the bells, whistles and the S package. And they’ve held their value remarkably well. Looking at the showroom floor at Tesla’s dealership in Menlo Park, California, you can snag a used Roadster 1.5 with 31,000 miles for just over $73,000, while a 2010 2.0 version with around 3,000 miles will set you back upwards of $90k.

Say Hello to The World's Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle

The technology behind the MotoCzysz E1pc isn't just the future for motorcycles, it's the future of electric vehicles. When you have 10x the battery power of a Prius and 2.5x the torque of a Ducati it's easy to see why. Michael Czysz, the man behind the machine, has made the MotoCzysz E1pc so advanced that all the major parts of the E1pc—from its motor to its battery packs to even its aerodynamics—are all new and class leading. The battery, obviously key in any electric vehicle, is connected without wires and thus can be easily swapped out in seconds. The batteries are hand assembled by a company that develops for NASA and its electric motor runs at nearly 500 volts which is powerful enough to turn a wrench into a pile of molten metal. The motor, called "D1g1tal Dr1ve," offers a nearly direct connection between the throttle and rear wheel, which allows it to be nastily fast.

Mega-Hurricane Destroys 200,000 Vehicles, Including 15,000 New Cars

The biggest Atlantic storm ever in U.S. history, which hit New Jersey, New York and the surrounding regions with 100 mph+ (160 km/h) winds that caused at least 100 deaths, has left the East Coast counting its losses and trying to fix the damages. The catastrophe brought about by mega-hurricane Sandy damaged or completely destroyed thousands of new and used vehicles owned by dealerships as well as individuals. According to initial estimates, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan and Honda will have to write-off around 15,000 brand-new cars. Nissan spokesman Travis Parman told The Detroit News that "between dealer and port vehicles for both Nissan and Infiniti, initial estimates have us at more than 6,000 units as 'un-saleable' to be scrapped".

Citroen GT Concept

The amazing GT by CITROËN is the first ever car to be specifically designed to bring the virtual and real worlds together. The car makes its global premiere at the Paris Motor Show where visitors can actually drive the car in a true to life simulator on the Citroën stand. GT by CITROËN, a joint venture between Citroën and the makers of Gran Turismo, was created for the eagerly anticipated 5th game in the multi-million selling Playstation series. At almost five metres long, GT by CITROËN packs the latest hi-tech racing equipment into an exaggerated sporty frame. Planted on 21-inch, diamond-effect, aluminium wheels, the car's gullwing doors, over-sized rear end with mobile spoiler, gaping air intakes and flat underside exude the qualities of an accomplished racer. With chrome chevrons on the smooth, aerodynamic, front end asserting the car's Citroën identity, the GT by CITROËN is bursting with styling cues typical of the Company's creative flair. The sharp lines and sculpted body are emphasised by the white-to-grey flared paint work which gives the car a forceful look and an impression of speed - even when it's standing still.


Cool Home Aquariums

Perhaps no freestanding aquarium has as high a head-turning quotient as the Silverfish from the France-based Octopus Studios design company. The Silverfish’s most striking design feature is obvious from the photo to the right—multiple bulbous fish tanks interconnected by water-filled tubes allowing fish to swim freely around the entire system. Taken together this aquarium looks like a large model of some molecular structure. But here’s what’s most cool about the Silverfish: Every aquarium is constructed by hand. Octopus will not only install museum-quality heating and filtration systems but also incorporate personalized silk plants and lighting. Don’t like any of the standard Silverfish stands? Provide the company specifications for your own.

HumanCar Imagine PS Goes For Another Test Drive

It's been a long while since we first heard about the HumanCar, a vehicle powered by electricity and human rowing power, but some things just take longer than others. The design has come a long way since that 2006 post and the latest news is that the model you see above, called the Imagine PS, was recently taken out for a test drive. We've got the video to prove it after the jump. Professor Charles Samuel Greenwood, the inventor of the HumanCar, went for a drive in the $15,500 street-legal, low-mass vehicle with his son Chuck. The car took on "several" hills (with four to six percent grades) at 30 miles per hour using power from both the driver and the battery pack.

Here’s How Army Engineers Are Unwatering NYC’s Tunnels

The scale is staggering: Superstorm Sandy flooded New York City’s network of underground and vehicular tunnels with up to 400 million gallons of water. On Thursday, the U.S. military began to bring some of its heavy equipment into place – from generators to powerful water pumps to trucks flown from across the country. But, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers emphasized to Danger Room, they’re just getting started with the cleanup. The work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Manhattan starts at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, the major underwater thoroughfare for cars passing between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

A Leg Up

In the summer of 2005, Jeff Weber took a fall in the backyard of his Minnesota home, broke his heel, and was sentenced to 13 weeks on crutches. With little to do but hobble around and think, he quickly noticed the flaws in his new accessories: the way the hard “pads” compressed the soft tissue of his armpit, the way the rail-straight columns forced nerve-stressing bad posture, the way the perpendicular grips required a constant awkward twisting of his wrists. “It was pretty quickly introducing secondary trauma,” he says. “People are not constructed to walk on their arms.” Unlike most of the millions of Americans who end up on crutches every year, however, Weber is a professional industrial designer. He apprenticed with Bill Stumpf on Herman Miller’s Aeron chair, which set a new standard for deploying contemporary materials and research methods into the design of everyday items, and then raised that standard when he became Stumpf’s partner on the follow-up Embody chair. So rather than acquiesce to a rotten design, Weber began sketching.

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