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Salma Hayek is in a Bikini

More than anything else, the internet has taught me that Latin girls do anal. But second more than anything else, the internet has taught me that famous Hollywood stars are rarely as attractive as they appear in the media. Case in point: Salma Hayek, seen here in St Barts with her daughter Valentina.

Adriana Lima is Not a Good Bikini Model

Adriana Lima spent Monday and Wednesday in St. Barts modeling bikinis for Victorias Secret, but something traumatic must have happened on Tuesday because she forgot how to be a good model overnight. Monday she took a bunch of pictures on her back with her legs spread, but Wednesday that uppity bitch just stood there wasting everyone’s time, and didn’t spread her legs once. Oh, a thousand pardons your majesty, excuse all hell out of me if I wanted to spend the morning staring at your vagina.

Grace Park In A Bikini FTW

I’ve said it a million times but Asian chicks are the best. They’re little and skinny with long hair and really soft skin. If being a girl was an Olympic event, Asian girls would set the world record 35 times a day. ‘Battlestar Gallactica’ star Grace Park, seen here filming the new CBS version of ‘Hawaii 5-0', is a perfect example. If you can think of a hotter girl than Grace Park, I’d love to see her, but since you live in fantasy land I’m not sure how you would contact me.

Dita Von Teese Drops Some Red Hot Cleavage

Here’s Dita Von Teese dropping some pretty damn sexy cleavage at the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection 2011 shindig. Ok, so I really don’t dig this girl, never have, but I really dig cleavage (all kinds of it actually), and I have to admit that Dita Von Teese has stupendous cleavage. Not to mention some groovy curves, and the enthusiasm to show off said stupendous cleavage and groovy curves. Dang, I think I may have been wrong about this babe. Oh well, better late than never.


Astonishing bond between diver and Scar the giant sperm whale

Peering solemnly nose-to-nose at each other, this is the Whale Whisperer and his friend - Scar the 10-year-old giant of the sea. These spectacular images show Andrew Armour bonding with the colossal sperm whale in the warm Caribbean waters off the island of Dominica. Taken on the weekend, the photographs offer stunning insight into the lives of other pod members travelling with Scar. In one picture a large group of 'socialising' whales come together - giving the impression they are meeting up for a chat. And in another they arrive in a perfectly formed procession - almost like they are part of an underwater military march. The jaw-dropping series of images show how a decade spent befriending the gentle giant allows Andrew, 45, to stroke and gracefully swim alongside the 32-foot mammal.

This Is What Google Really Looks Like

With your morning coffee, you can already go diving in the Great Barrier Reef and tour huts in Antarctica. Now, you can also see inside some of the hubs of it all. Google launched a new website today, "Where the Internet Lives," that hosts shots of data centers in Iowa, North and South Carolina, Oregon, Georgia, and Oklahoma as well as Finland and Belgium. The site explains what happens when you search "binders full of women" on Google: When you're on a Google website...you're accessing one of the most powerful server networks in the known Universe. But what does that actually look like? Here's your chance to see inside what we're calling the physical Internet.

The World’s Most Fearless Cleaners

Enormous man-made structures won’t just clean themselves, you know. Thank goodness then for the brave few who seem more than happy to scale such beasts in an effort to de-grime them; apparently fearless as they swing next to, hang from, and climb up the world’s most impressively large landmarks with bucket and sponge in hand and sturdy stomach. To help you appreciate the job in hand, here are some stunning but often gut-wrenching photos.

Le Meridien Bora Bora Resort is Absolutely Amazing

The Archipelago of French Polynesia is one of the most remote and untouched areas on the planet, with landscapes that can simply make your purpose in life change. The Island of Bora Bora is renowned in every way, surrounded by sandy beaches and azure waters, and packed with nice villages. The southern part of the island hosts the beyond stunning Le Meridian Bora Bora Resort, in a dream location with breathtaking views of the Otemanu Mountain. The resort is accessible by car, being located only 10 minutes from the Bora Bora airport. The resort’s main accommodations are the beautiful over-water bungalows, but all others provide private access to the superb lagoon.


Ferrari Boss Felisa: Hybrid means we can protect the V12

In the Eighties, you wanted your MTV. Now that you're a little older and a lot richer, you want your naturally aspirated V12 Italian cars, and both Ferrari and Lamborghini plan to deliver. The raging bulls at Sant' Agata are incorporating more lightweight materials into their cars in order to get over emissions hurdles, but Ferrari has different plans, likely including a road-going iteration of its kinetic energy recovery system, as seen fitted to its 599 HY-KERS concept car at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. According to Autocar's quote from Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa, "Hybrid means we can protect the V12," suggesting Ferrari believes its unassisted 12-cylinder will live on. Autocar's theory is that the next Enzo could see its V12 paired with an electric motor to keep the government watchdogs happy. Of course, this contradicts Autocar's Ferrari piece from about ten days ago when, after speaking with Felisa, it wrote, "Felisa also hinted that the new Ferrari Enzo will be powered by a direct-injection twin-turbo V8 when it is launched in 2012."

UgurSahinDesign Mallett Corvette Z03

The UgurSahinDesign Corvette Z03 which is to be built by Mallett Cars from Berea, Ohio is a highly modified Chevrolet Corvette C6 with both exterior and performance upgrades. The production car is based on the Corvette Z03 concept which Ugur Sahin designed in 2008. The bodywork of the Mallett Corvette Z03 by UgurSahinDesign is constructed using lightweight carbon fibre composite and features a heavily revised rear section which eschews the large curved rear window in favor of a smaller slit-like window and sweeping buttresses which are more commonly found on mid-engined cars. Not that you'd have much trouble guessing where the engine is located thanks to a pair of glass windows located in the hood which neatly show off the LS7 V8 engine. The sweeping diamond shaped headlights are intended to mirror the shape of the the engine windows and lend the Z03 a more sinister appearance.

Hurricane Sandy To Raise Prices On Used Cars

The immediate impact of Hurricane Sandy was devastating, and the storm's ripple effects will continue to be felt in the weeks and months ahead as communities work to recover. One side effect becoming apparent is Sandy's influence on the used car market. According to the Detroit Free Press, the destruction of some 250,000 vehicles has led to a shortage that could affect late-model used-vehicle prices nationwide. The National Auto Dealers Association estimates that prices could increase 0.5% to 1.5%. That may not seem like much ($50-$175 per vehicle), but Edmunds.com suggests that in the short term, prices could jump $700 to $1,000.

Lamborghini Boss Confirms Sesto Elemento Production Limited To 20 Units

Though not giving us the production version on the Frankfurt stage that many of us expected, Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann took a moment while introducing the new Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale to confirm the Sesto Elemento is indeed headed for production. “The excellent feedback and the numerous requests we’ve had from our customers have really convinced us to embark on the challenge of producing a vehicle with unique characteristics. We are proud that what a year ago was just a ‘technology demonstrator’ of future super sports cars, even though in working order, will become a small series reality. Only 20 units of the new Sesto Elemento super sports car will be produced, and will be destined only for track use. We’re planning to deliver the first cars at the beginning of 2013.”


Beggar the Dolphin Killed By a Diet of Hot Dogs and Beer

Turns out that a diet of beer and hot dogs—though theoretically appetizing—is just as harmful to dolphins as it is to humans, especially when it encourages bad behavior in the former. Just like the dog who has learned to eye dinner scraps at the table, Beggar the dolphin developed an ultimately fatal habit of approaching humans in Sarasota, Florida—a habit that was reinforced and enabled by boaters feeding the bottlenose dolphin an unhealthy diet of, among other things, hot dogs, beer, fruit, shrimp, and squid. His learned unnatural behavior is believed to have contributed to his death. Beggar was recently found floating dead near Albee Road Bridge. He was about 20 years old.

13-Year-Old Designs Super-Efficient Solar Array Based on the Fibonacci Sequence

Plenty of us head into the woods to find inspiration. Aidan Dwyer, 13, went to the woods and had a eureka moment that could be a major breakthrough in solar panel design. On a bleak winter hiking trip to the Catskill Mountains, the 7th-grader from New York noticed a pattern among tree branches, and determined (as naturalist Charles Bonnet did in 1754) that the pattern represented the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. Aidan wondered why, and figured it had something to do with photosynthesis. In a pretty innovative experiment, this intrepid young scientist set about duplicating an oak tree, comparing its sunlight-capturing abilities to a traditional rooftop solar panel array. Guess what he found? First he determined the ratios representing the spiral pattern of the leaves and branches on an oak tree, using a cylindrical double-protractor tool of his own design. Then he copied the pattern using a computer program, and built an oak tree-shaped solar array out of PVC pipe. He next built a flat-panel array mounted at 45 degrees, like a typical home rooftop array, and attached data loggers to each model to monitor voltage.

Largest Solar Power Neighborhood In Southeast Built In New Orleans

The St. Thomas Housing Project had been a somewhat rundown low-income housing project before Hurricane Katrina hit, known primarily for its high crime rate. But now, the area has become the focus of several government agencies working to revitalize it through sustainable and renewable technologies. The new housing, named River Garden Apartments, is designed as a mixed-income development covering eight blocks and around a square mile. It’s currently the largest solar neighborhood located in the southeastern US, and the largest solar project in Louisiana, because of the 420 kW of photovoltaics installed on the roofs.

Mexican Wrestler Bottle Openers

If you’ve been holding out for an opportunity to combine your love for beer with your passion for amateur, South American wrestling (it’s such a rare combination, after all), then pull on your lycra face-mask and step into the ring; the Mexican Wrestler Bottle Openers have arrived! Employing one of three classic submission holds, these tough plastic openers let you put the smack down on your next bottle of cerveza.

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