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Karen Leah's Bikini Model Search Entry

Karen Leah is a model from Vancouver, BC. Her ultimate goal in life is to pursue modeling full time based out of LA. She loves soaking up the sun and laying on the beach.Modeling has been her lifelong dream and passion and drive in life. Karen specializes in swimsuit, lingerie, glamour and fitness modeling. She is very outgoing, constantly creating new ideas for new shoots, always tons of fun, all while maintaining a certain degree of professionalism.

Alessandra Ambrosio Rocks a Bikini For a Day of Surfing and Sun in Hawaii

Alessandra Ambrosio hit the beach in a two-piece Saturday in Hawaii. She's off on a family vacation with her fiancť Jamie Mazur and their young daughter, Anja. The afternoon on the sand included a bit of surfing for Alessandra before she retired to a deck chair with Anja. It was apparently great fun for Alessandra, who tweeted, "surfing in Waikiki is just amazing!" We last saw Alessandra Ambrosio in her bikini earlier this Summer, in May, during a Memorial Day stroll in Malibu with her family and little dog. There's been lots of work for Alessandra since then. She hit the CFDA Awards in June and then went to her home country of Brazil to shoot ads for Colcci alongside Ashton Kutcher. Alessandra is resting up now, though, writing yesterday on Twitter, "Hawaii, sunset, spa ó so relaxing!"

Rihanna Wears Half an Outfit at Pepsi Fan Jam

From these photos of Rihanna performing live at the Pepsi Fan Jam on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, yesterday, I gather the no pants trend is nearly over. Nearly over, as in sheís wearing one of her two pant legs. Thatís the most pant legs Iíve seen her wear in some time. She also appears to be covering one of her boobs, which is the most coverage Iíve seen those things get in some time. The singer is wearing a cut-out catsuit that makes me think of the black half-catsuit worn by Shakira in the She Wolf music video. One arm, one sleeve, one boob, one ass cheek, and most of their crotch hanging out. At least Rihanna has the good manners to cover her remaining boob with a strapless bra. And cover her bare leg with fishnet stockings. Her bootyís still kinda hanging out, but bish works out. Iím not even mad at her.

Elisabetta Canalis On Vacation in Mexico!!

While George Clooney focuses teaming with Google and the UN to help Sudan, his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis focuses on showing off that killer bikini bod of hers. The two have been in Cabo to celebrate the holidays where George is probably working while Elisabetta works on her tan.


Recent scenes from Indonesia

The leg of a patient is chained to a post at the Galuh foundation for people with mental health conditions on February 10, 2010 in Bekasi, Indonesia. Belief in black magic is commonplace in Indonesia, where there is much ignorance over mental health issues, with traditional healers instead consulted for apparent sufferers. 2007 figures suggested that 4.6% of the nation suffered from serious mental disorders in a country whose population now stands at around 230 million, with only around 700 psychiatrists across 48 psychiatric hospitals available to help treat those affected.

BMW Mini Cooper Assembly Line

The BMW Mini Cooper, whose first generation was designed by Frank Stephenson,[1] draws inspiration from the original Mini, which was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation and its successors from 1959 to 2000. The name of the car's brand, MINI, is all-capitalized to distinguish it from its predecessor.[2] Development of the first generation had been done between 1995 and 2001 by Rover Group in Gaydon, United Kingdom and BMW AG in Munich, Germany. During this development phase, there was continual contention between the two design groups, especially concerning the positioning of the car; Rover wanted an straight economy car, whilst BMW supported a small, sporting car. Ultimately, BMW prevailed, and in 1999, they assumed control over the entire project following the departure of BMW's CEO.

Avian Architecture Ė the Precarious Nests of the Stork

Storks make their nests high. To us they look remarkably precarious structures, not exactly a desirable residence Ė the Ďdes resí of your dreams. The stork, however, thrives at height most of us would avoid like the plague. Take a look at some amazing nests of the stork. Although many Europeans encourage storks to nest on the roof of their home Ė it is supposed to increase the fecundity of the householders Ė many would gasp at the inherent danger that lies in building oneís home on top of a deadly current of electricity. In Denmark, however, the stork is not a welcome guest and so this would be considered appropriate alternative housing. The Danish believe that if a stork builds a nest on top of your house then someone who lives there will die before the year ends.

Scouting an Abandoned Hotel in Southern California

Whenever I see a sign like the one below hanging outside of an abandoned property, I immediately feel an intense desire to get inside. When such a sign is hanging outside an abandoned hotel built in the early 1900ís in Southern California, that urge goes through the roof. Luckily, Iím not alone in my nuttiness. Since starting this website, Iíve corresponded with a number of fellow abandoned aficionados. One contact in particular, who must go nameless for the post, wrote me a few months ago to ask if Iíd ever heard about a now-forgotten abandoned hotel in Southern California. I hadnít, and asked him to send me some pictures. When I saw them, I was absolutely floored. The hotel, which opened in 1917, closed its doors in 1939 and has been boarded up ever since.


Maserati Tramontane

The Maserati Tramontane is a concept vehicle designed by Ondrej Jirec. Jirec's previous work includes the Audi O concept from 2008. The Tramontane concept was developed by Jirec as part of his studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. The Tramontane was not conceived as a competition car, but instead an electric powered cruiser suited for scenic, winding roads. In Jirec's own words the Maserati Tramontane is "a lightweight electric luxury supercar. Its design philosophy is simplification and emotion. The idea behind this concept is to reduce the number of body parts, lower the overall weight, and simplify the building process by combining exterior and interior elements."

Honda CR-Z Was Almost Killed Twice, U.S. Dealers Didn't Want It

Norio Tomobe, chief engineer of the Honda CR-Z, said "The CR-Z is supposed to be an intelligent sports car." We can spend a fair bit of time debating the 'intelligence' of a sports coupe that gets from 0-to-60 in 9.7 seconds and has just two seats but gets worse gas mileage than a Toyota Prius. However, we won't really be able to decide on the issue until we drive it, and that is apparently what it takes to feel the love for it. According to Automotive News, back when the CR-Z was being designed to house a traditional gasoline-only drivetrain, Tomobe said he and his team dug deep to come up with a new idea for the car, which ended up being a hybrid drivetrain and a six-speed transmission. But that wasn't until after they had tried to kill the project. Twice. And that didn't stop the president of American Honda Motor from repeatedly telling Japan the U.S. didn't need or want a sporty hybrid, which he thought would confuse customers. Until he drove it, and then all was go.

High-Tech 2WD Ostoure Superbike Is Straight Out of Skynet's Garage

The Ostoure concept is a "super naked" motorcycle concept sprung from the mind of designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie and possibly Skynet. The Ostoure ("Legend" in Persian) boasts two-wheel drive, Bluetooth helmet support, HUD indicators, multiple radiators, and an AC system (?), although that's all hypothetical given the fact this puppy is a prototype design. Throw on some side-mounted Gatling guns and this would be right at home on the set of Terminator: Salvation.

2012 Ferrari 458 Spider Is A Topless Dream Machine

When you chop the top of a sports car, you often lose the lines that originally draws crowds to gasp in excitement as it rolls past into the sunset. Ferrari has just hacked the lid off its 458 Italia and the resulting 458 Spider is the tradition-bucking result. The convertible 458 puts your ears closer to the engine, allows all of your senses to to explode without getting the upholstery messy and guns down nearly every other car in your path. Nestled behind your soon-to-be-mussed coif sits the 458's 4.5-liter V8 heart that pumps out 562 horsepower and life-changing affirmations. Be it the Italian countryside or California coast, this is a car we'd want to be piloting when the sun is shining and the roads are empty.


Mercedes-Benz + Eurocopter = Luxuricopter

For the days when traffic is heavy and the CL600 in the garage isnít quite going to cut it, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Eurocopter to deliver that luxury car touch to your helicopter. Starting with the popular twin engine EC145 helicopter, Mercedes-Benz designers have added their own unique take on a helicopter interior for discriminating customers looking for leather seats, fine wood trim, ambient lighting and of course a flat screen TV. The project to develop the luxury helicopter was led by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy. Like many car companies, Mercedes-Benz has a design studio that works with a range of customers. In the past BMW has worked with Airbus on interior designs and Porsche has played a role in yacht design. But the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Eurocopter may have a bit more of a logical connection.

Boeing Trucks Ahead With 8-Wheeling Laser Weapon

The promise of laser weapons is that they will dispatch enemy missiles and other threats at the speed of light. Progress on those weapons systems, however, sure has been a heck of a lot slower. When last we heard from Boeing about the HEL TD (High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator) program in June 2011, the defense contractor had just finished system integration of key components, including the installation of the beam control system and other hardware on the 8-wheeled, 500-horsepower Oshkosh HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck).

Rescue Workers Can Prevent Brain Damage with Icy Nasal Spray

After cardiac arrest, lowering someoneís body temperature can prevent life-threatening brain damage. Itís so critical that New York City requires ambulances to take some patients up to 20 minutes out of the way to hospitals with cooling equipment. EMTs could improve patientsí chances further using RhinoChill, a new portable nose spray that cools the brain on the scene. In the past decade, doctors learned to safely induce hypothermia to slow brain cellsí metabolism, preventing the buildup of toxic molecules that can cause lasting damage. Many hospitals insert a refrigerated tube into a major vein, a technique too dangerous to attempt in the field. To take the treatment on the road, medical company BeneChill left the refrigerator behind. The key is a fast-evaporating liquid that, squirted up the nose, cools the brain.

Corsair Vengeance Gaming Keyboards, Mice, And Headsets Hands-on

Hold on to your seats gaming enthusiasts, Corsair just unleashed an onslaught of Vengeance series peripherals aimed at helping you dominate that Call of Duty marathon... and we got our hands on all of 'em. There's a lot to cover, so we'll get right to it. The K60 gamer keyboard boasts Cherry MX Red interchangeable keys for rapid fire, 20-key rollover, windows key lock and crazy fast reporting rate at 1000 reports per second. Its companion, the M60 mouse, implements an Avago 5670 DPI sensor, adjustable center of gravity, custom lift detection and high-mass scroll wheel. In addition to all that, this bad boy features a dedicated sniper button which allows you to hone in on your target that much faster. Read on for the full rundown on the goods.

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