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Ashley Greene Knows How To Dress

God bless Ashley Greene for having the courage to address the problem of girls in shirts that cover their tits. Girls in shirts are everywhere these days: in our schools, our neighborhoods, our churches and synagogues, you can’t even go to the market anymore without packs of girls in shirts roaming around in an intimidating fashion. Well Ashley has had enough, and she’s taking a stand. She’s an amazing woman.

AnnaLynne McCord And Her Less Hot Sister Bikini Pictures

Here’s 90210 scrawny hottie and Popoholic favorite, AnnaLynne McCord, and her nowhere near as hot sister, Angel McCord, hitting the Miami beach in a pair of tiny bikinis. Now you guys might have a hard time telling the difference between the two, especially considering that they swapped bikinis while in the ocean, but AnnaLynne is the one with the groovier body, and the one not wearing earrings and piercings. Ha! Did you girls actually think you can fool a professional who spends his whole day gawking at the female form? Please! Speaking of the female form, enjoy AnnaLynne’s sexy little bikini body!

Cameron Diaz is Clearly Pregnant

Cameron Diaz is in Atlanta today filming ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, a movie clearly made by people who only have the vaguest notion of what to expect when you’re expecting. They know it takes place in the ladies stomach, more or less, so they made that bigger… and then they called it a day. And now Cameron Diaz is playing a pregnant lady. See? Pregnant Lady. Or possibly Shoplifter.

Is This Woman Too Hot To Be a Banker?

Everything about Debrahlee Lorenzana is hot. Even her name sizzles. At five-foot-six and 125 pounds, with soft eyes and flawless bronze skin, she is J.Lo curves meets Jessica Simpson rack meets Audrey Hepburn elegance—a head-turning beauty. In many ways, the story of her life has been about getting attention from men—both the wanted and the unwanted kind. But when she got fired last summer from her job as a banker at a Citibank branch in Midtown—her bosses cited her work performance—she got even hotter. She sued Citigroup, claiming that she was fired solely because her bosses thought she was too hot.


Colorful Nature Photos by Nariscuss

Yesterday I was browsing Deviantart for some inspiration, when I spotted a photo of Nariscuss. It was the most colorful picture on the screen, it was really eye-catching. I clicked on it immediately to take a closer look at the image but also to know more about the photographer. I found quite a few beautiful and colorful photos there. I liked them so much that I decided to pick some of them and share it with you guys, but first have a look at Nariscuss' bio.

There Is No Spork

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz doesn't like digital photography, but he loves to warp reality in impossible ways. Like this spoon with a fork shadow, which is a straight photo, with no Photoshop or laboratory manipulation whatsoever. Madoz's world ties directly into the work of surrealist artists like Dalí and Duchamp. He doesn't like digital photography because, as he says, he needs to manipulate reality directly, not through Photoshop. He first creates his strange objects. Then, he just photographs them using film, in the most simplistic and clean way possible. The result are windows into alternative dimensions that often carry a message and they are always beautiful.

Great Photos Found in Presidential Libraries

A few weeks ago, after stumbling across this photo of John Travolta and Princess Diana dancing at the White House, I sent our readers on a Presidential Library scavenger hunt. You found some fantastic photos—here are 22 of our favorites.

Beautiful Canada Landscapes HD Wallpapers

Canada is located in North America and stretches all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific, being made up of ten Provinces and three Territories. To the North is the Artic ocean; Davis Strait on the North East separates it from Greenland, to the East is the Atlantic Ocean; the South is bordered by the United States of America and the West by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska.


KTM X-Bow Stratosferica

The KTM X-Bow is one of those minimalistic wonders of the automotive world, a true lesson in the whole ‘less is more’ mantra. Therefore it’s maybe not the most obvious vehicle to comprehensively alter by adding extra weight and bodywork which completely transforms the car’s persona. But if it looks as good as the X-Bow Stratosferica, and benefits from an extra 73 horsepower thanks to some engine modifications, then it’s all good in my book. The KTM X-Bow Stratosferica is a 12,000 Euro ($17,300 USD) upgrade to the X-Bow which is available through the Italian company Montenergy. As is obvious from the photos, and the name, the Stratosferica’s styling was inspired by the legendary Lancia Stratos. But at the same time this wasn’t designed to be a replica or newer version of the Stratos, and the X-Bow Stratosferica has plenty of its own unique character on show.

2013 Porsche 911 S - Sport Design Package

After a patent leak about an upcoming bodykit for the 991, we’ve finally captured our first images of the 2013 Porsche 911 Sport Design Package at the 2012 Miami Auto Show. The famous Porsche duck tail from the 1970’s is back, along with a more aggressive front bumper. The $5,366 option is a must have for all tuning enthusiasts willing to embellish their 991 with a bodykit, which so far was only available on the limited edition 991 Club Coupe. On this gorgeous guard red model, the wheel option is adding a whopping $7,482. The 20 inch rims add to the overall look, but the price is outrageous for wheels that most likely are not any lighter than the base OEM. For that kind of money we’d rather go buy ourselves a set of ultralight HRE or CCW wheels. Nevertheless, Porsche came up with a very good looking body kit, for those too busy to look into the aftermarket or the devoted Porsche OEM fanboys.

High-Tech 2WD Ostoure Superbike Is Straight Out of Skynet's Garage

The Ostoure concept is a "super naked" motorcycle concept sprung from the mind of designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie and possibly Skynet. The Ostoure ("Legend" in Persian) boasts two-wheel drive, Bluetooth helmet support, HUD indicators, multiple radiators, and an AC system (?), although that's all hypothetical given the fact this puppy is a prototype design. Throw on some side-mounted Gatling guns and this would be right at home on the set of Terminator: Salvation.

Noble M15

Building on the success of the no-compromise M12, the M15 is a more mature Noble with luxuries including Satellite Navigation, impeccable ride and 300 litres of luggage space! "The M12 is a great car, but it's very focused and I wanted to produce a supercar people could use every day," said founder Lee Noble. "It was time for Noble to take a big step up in terms of refinement, practicality and style. "We're delighted with this new car's all-round skills and the I reckon there's not a car in its class to touch it dynamically. After all, it's still a Noble!" With a 455bhp version of the tried and trusted three-litre twin turbo engine Noble has come to rely on, this is also the quickest car ever to emerge from Barwell, Leicestershire. With the complementary figure of 455lb/ft of torque, all in a car that weighs slightly more than 1200kg, the M15 is devastatingly fast.


Animatronic Halo Elite Costume Will Have You Screaming Wart, Wart, Wart!

We’ve seen home made costumes from many videogame series. Most use cardboard boxes and paint, the guys at PeteMander GFX went above and beyond to make this suit as realistic as possible. Standing at least 7 feet tall, this mountainous suit would make any Master Chief wannabe wet his own pants.

From 72 Recycled Beer Cans Comes a Sweet Surfboard

In March, I wrote about a very cool project making surfboards from ocean trash. Now, here's another original way to ride the waves: on a surfboard made from 72 recycled beer cans. The simply named Beer Can Surfboard is the work of San Diego-based artist Rich Morrison. What began as a sculpture to complement his Enviro Surf Art Series soon became more ambitious: Morrison has made what is most likely the first ever functioning surfboard made of beer cans. Morrison collected uncrushed cans from a local bar (Budweiser, Modelo, PBR, Rolling Rock and Boddingtons Pub Ale, if you're wondering), and built them into a board with the help of surfboard maker Gary Seagraves.

Why 70 Miles Per Hour Is the New 55

Left to their own devices, American drivers confronted with an open stretch of interstate highway tend to drive at about 70 miles per hour—whatever the legal speed limit happens to be. That's the finding of an analysis of speed data gathered by TomTom Inc., a marketer of GPS navigation devices. This helps to explain why safety advocates and conservationists are losing the long-running debate over lowering freeway speed limits. The Virginia legislature last week passed legislation raising the speed limit on rural interstate highways to 70 mph from 65 mph. The state's new Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, put boosting the legal speed limit high on his list of priorities, and got action less than three months after taking office. Virginia will become the 34th state to boost interstate speed limits to 70 mph or higher. In big, empty states such as New Mexico, Idaho and Nevada, posted limits on rural interstates can be as high as 75 mph.

You Built What?! A Backyard B-50 Bomber

Four years ago, engineer Tony Nijhuis was visiting an aviation museum in Duxford, England, when he spotted his next project: the iconic World War II–era Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Nijhuis has been building electric models since he was a boy, but he had been thinking about doing something bigger. Much bigger. The result is a replica that— with a 20-foot wingspan, period decals, and loudspeakers that blare sounds of the real engine—boasts nearly everything but the bombs. Nijhuis decided to go with a variant of the B-29, the B-50, because of its aerodynamic design and because it was more novel. The real bomber had four engines, so he hunted down four of the biggest electric motors he could find. He created 2-D sketches of the body, wings and tail using AutoCAD and commissioned a laser-cutting company to handle the more than 300 custom segments he needed.

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