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Rosie Huntington-Whitely Looks Stunning In Burberry Dress

Rosie Huntington Whitely arrives at the UK Premiere of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon at BFI IMAX in London, England. She is absolutely stunning! This is one of my favorite dresses I’ve seen in a long, long time. The dress, by Burberry, is so flattering on her. She just looks gorgeous!

AnnaLynne McCord as Magician Assistant on 90210

The upcoming season of CW's 90210 looks as though AnnaLynne McCord truly takes over as the alpha of the show and considering that we've already seen her scratching herself in a bikini and rocking a mom bikini also covered in slime and dressed as a greek goddess. Yesterday the cast was once again at the beach where AnnaLynne filmed a scene where she was a magician assistant or something with Josh Zuckerman.

Anna Paquin is Deceptive

I don’t consider Anna Paquin attractive, but she looks okay naked, and the banner picture of her in a clingy shirt in the water off Hawaii is not bad. “How bad could it be”, I asked myself. The answer was, “AHHH-ewwgross, whyyy”, though I may not be spelling that correctly.

Erin Heatherton Contorts Pencil-thin Body Into Various Shapes As She Stretches During Yoga

Pouting away down the runway or from the pages in a glossy magazine, Erin Heatherton usually looks effortless and other-worldly. But today she appeared very real as she showed the strain of keeping her body trim with a sweaty private yoga session. The pretty blonde was seen contorting into various shapes as she sweltered under the Miami sun, spending most of the time on her knees before standing on her head with the help of an instructor.


The Most Incredible Space Imagery

These glorious stars and galaxies are all the more spectacular if you consider how far their light had to travel to reach us: millions, sometimes billions of years... Carl Sagan once said: "We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people." True enough, and yet, as we consider our significance in the cosmic order of events, we can only "keep up the good work, if only for a while, if only for the twinkling of a tiny galaxy."

Breathtaking Underwater Photography

Humanity knows almost as little about the depths of the oceans as the depths of outer space. Earth’s oceans have fascinated humanity for millenia, resulting in a variety of myths from the Earth being flat with the oceans simply pouring off into space, the kraken and mermaids. Beyond the myths, however, lies an incredible variety of life and color. Today we’ll take a closer look on what we can find under the clear blue waters of the oceans. And here’re some breathtaking underwater photos, captured by talented photographers. From Clownfish that look surprisingly like Nemo (see the picture above), to jellyfish, sharks and crabs, you’ll get a glimpse of some of the life that thrives just beneath the surface.

The World's Best Underwater Photographs 2010

A collection of the year's best underwater photography, chosen by the judges of two major competitions - Our World Under Water and the fourth annual Deep International Underwater competition. The two competitions attracted more than 5,000 entries and winners were picked from 20 countries across the world. Prizes for the contests make up the largest prize pool for underwater photography, with $120,000 (£74,000) up for grabs.

Fighting Protesters With Colored Water

You must have seen photos of protesters being doused with colored-water cannons by the police. Using water canon is understood as it’s an easy non-hazardous way to disperse mob, but why would police spray protesters with purple and pink water? Simple: to identify and arrest them later. Many water cannons on the market today come with a tank specially designed to store a semi-permanent colored dye. If police decide they want to "tag" protesters with the dye, they can press a button to inject it into the main water stream. Once the water cannon is trained on a crowd, anyone hit by the spray will be easily recognizable by police.


Jaguar C-X75 Concept: An Electric Jet XJ220 From The Future

For its 75th anniversary, Jaguar's unveiling the C-X75 Concept, an extended-range electric coupe showing off a new design direction for the leaping-kitty brand, along with a electric/gas turbine power source generating 780 hp. Your 21st century British supercar awaits. Designed with the intent to move Jaguar's styling into something new and evolved, the C-X75 revives the promise of the XJ220 two-seat supercar from the 1990s; one vehicle that carriers every engineering resource Jaguar can muster. The C-X75's design mixes a number of cues from Jaguar's modern lineup, but in shape and proportion resembles the 1966 XJ13 Le Mans prototype, a car Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum tags as "possibly the most beautiful Jaguar ever made."

Rolls-Royce Apparition by Jeremy Westerlund

This stunning concept called Rolls-Royce Apparition was created by Jeremy Westerlund from Dallas. He designed it as an independent project while studying at the Art Center of the School of Design. The car differs sharp geometric lines, the huge hood and a large 23-inch wheels. This concept is a great blend of classic design elements and futuristic ones.

Trexa Electric Car Platform Will Cost Upwards Of $15,999

No longer do you need to fantasize about buying a Tesla, now that Trexa has released pricing details of its "scalable lithium-drive platform," (aka the base for building your own electric car). $15,999 is a fair price to pay for the starting block of your new car, when other electric cars can set you back more than $100,000 (for a Tesla, anyway—Nissan's Leaf costs around $30,000.) Still, who hasn't dreamed of building their very own car? And as it's electric, you'll be saving the planet, and your wallet. The starting price is for the base model, which has a top speed of 100mph, an acceleration of 0-60mph in 8 seconds, charge time of four hours and a 105 mile range.

Aznom and Romeo Ferraris trick out the Land Rover Defender

Form and function dictate the design of just about every vehicle on the market today. But if there's one that prioritizes the latter over the former, it's surely the Land Rover Defender. Produced essentially unchanged since 1983, the Defender is the very definition of the go-anywhere off-road workhorse, a favorite of military and expeditions worldwide. Leave it to the Italians, then, to give the British truck an extra dose of style. A customization atelier best known for their Mini conversions and that outrageous custom Corvette, Aznom has given the Defender a similar visual treatment to the Abarth 500C, with a matte two-tone white and black paintjob with red detailing and front and rear bumpers made of carbon fiber. The interior has also been decked out in orange-tan leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber trim with Sparco racing buckets. And underneath the hood, Italian tuning house Romeo Ferraris has tweaked the 2.4-liter turbo-diesel four from 122 horsepower to 152, channeled to all four anthracite-finish wheels wearing Kumho Road Venture rubber.


Ford To Save $1.2M/Year Just By Turning Off Its Computers At Night

When a corporation as large as Ford decides to do something as simple as shutting down its computers at night, the savings can be astronomical. In the case of Ford, powering down computers can save the company $1.2 million each year. The new program, called PC Power Management, utilizes energy saving settings provided by Microsoft Windows. The energy settings will be used on company laptops and desktops to reduce energy waste. A managed shutdown will occur each night and during the weekend period. Additionally, computers will be awake to receive updates during pre-selected non-business hours, freeing up time previously used for updates throughout the working day.

Car-to-Car Communication System to Get a Massive Road Test

Technology that would allow cars to talk to each other—to help prevent accidents and improve traffic flow—is about to get a real-world road test following new funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Many high-end cars already come with sensors capable of spotting a vehicle in a driver's blind spot, or warning that the car is drifting out of lane. However, these technologies, which use radar, laser, or video sensors, have a limited view. Car-to-car communications could provide even more sophisticated earlier warnings—for example, when a car several vehicles ahead brakes suddenly. Last month, the DOT awarded $14.9 million to the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute to test the technology, known as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. The system to be tested relies on dedicated short-range radio communication to allow cars to signal one another and receive messages from traffic equipment.

How To Make An Iron Man Mask

This instructable is one of two parts detailing how to build an arc reactor and an iron man mask. Both work together but are written as seperate instructables for clarity. You can buy these masks relatively cheaply all over the internet but nothing beats that hand made look. Again I work best when I have a goal in mind and something to copy so I set out looking for shots of the Iron Man mask. The picture included on this page gave me the most information about the design and was the key to developing my own mask. I wanted to create something that fitted my own face well but also wanted it to be smooth all over with no obvious joins in the mask, it proved quite tricky for me but now I've worked out the details it should be easier for anyone else wanting to give it a try. I'm pleased with the results and with hindsight don't think I would have done anything differently.

IR Light and Camcorder used to make Cheap Night Vision Hunting Solution

Snypercat has been working on a way to hunt farm rats at night. There is no place for rats on a farm, they spread disease eat the food for your animals and will get you shut down if you plan on selling what you grow or raise. Snypercat knows that the best time to hunt rats is when they are most active which is at night. Only problem is us humans can’t see very well at night and if normal lighting was used it would scare away the rats. Her solution was to attach a Sony night vision camcorder to the scope of a gun. A large IR illuminator is then needed since she will be a long way from the prey she is hunting. The large wide spread type of IR illuminator worked not bad but since they are normally used for night vision cameras it has a very wide beam of light. She found that the optimal solution was a IR flashlight since it can be focused to a tight beam just where it is needed which might be a few hundred feet away.

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