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Brandy Is Looking Very Nice

Here is Brandy leaving rehearsals for ‘Dancing With The Stars, wearing an awesome tight little t-shirt and bouncing around like any woman with breasts like that should be doing constantly. Tell you the truth she should just wear a bikini on the show and do the Bunny Hop for every dance. I’m very disappointed in the lack of ass shots though? She’s wearing tights for God’s sake… could we not have managed to get at least one ass shot? Typical fotog amateurs.

Blake Lively Really Loves Cleavage

Blake Lively was on the set of ‘Gossip Girl’ today in New York, filming a date scene and hopefully starting a new trend of girls wearing clothes that have huge chunks cut out of the front. “To be perfectly honest, I don’t even wanna go out with you if I can’t stare at your tits.”

Karina Smirnoff is Cautious

Fame Images says that reigning ‘Dancing With The Stars’ champion (and former Playboy model) Karina Smirnoff took a break from her DanceFIT-KS Hawaiian tour, though I have no idea what the hell that means. Point being, she went paddle boarding. But only after taking lessons. And good for her. Those paddle boards are like a loaded gun. I thought I could do it without lessons and was only out there for a few minutes before starting a huge fire. It was a classic lesson in hubris.

AnnaLynne McCord Gets Back in Her Bikini For 90210

AnnaLynne McCord wore a retro bikini to shoot scenes for 90210 on the beach in LA yesterday. After a few months off from filming, AnnaLynne is back to work on the CW drama, though the characters are no longer high school students after graduation at the end of last season. In the cliffhanger-filled finale, AnnaLynne's Naomi revealed that she is pregnant, though there's no sign of a baby bump yet in this revealing two-piece. AnnaLynne spent her hiatus hanging out with on-again boyfriend Kellan Lutz and he even accompanied her to NYC for the upfronts while she attended his brother's wedding in May. Kellan will be hitting the promotional road for Immortals soon, starting with Comic-Con next week, and she'll be back on the small screen when 90210 premieres .


Aerial Photos Of Stadiums

These are aerial photos of stadiums from all around the world. It is absolutely amazing what man has built just to play some games. However, the photos are incredible and beautiful. The stadium’s seating capacity is also amazing. Here are the best from the best.

Amazing Photographs of Storms

Photography is a favorite source of inspiration and a hobby of many designers. In this post I’d like to showcase a collection of photos from various photographers that have captured storms.

In Photos: Spooky Deep-Sea Creatures

From frightful fangtooth fish and vampire squid to coffinfish and spiky, sinister sea urchins, plenty of strange and scary creatures lurk in the dark, cold depths of the ocean ... The terrifyingly toothy anglerfish became a common occurrence in little kids' nightmares ever since it chased Nemo and Dory in Pixar's "Finding Nemo." To attract prey, the scary-looking fish uses a bioluminescent "fishing pole" that hangs just above and in front of its toothy face. The lure is actually a piece of dorsal spine packed with millions of glow-in-the-dark bacteria. Be brave and dive on in!

Seoul's Noryangjin Fish Market

Established in 1927, Noryangjin Fish Market is Seoul’s oldest and largest indoor seafood market. The sprawling structure houses a staggering 700 shops (at last count), many of which don’t have names and aren’t numbered. With its narrow walkways, hurried streams of trolleys whisking inventory in and out, and master sashimi chefs drumming up orders on cutting boards, Noryangjin is a muscle of activity. Seafood is hauled in from ports around the country to shoulder rising demand. The market is open all hours of the day but the real fun begins during the late-night auctions. Rain boots are a matter of necessity when dodging the blasts of cold water the merchants sluice through the aisles to wash away the stench. “The wet floors and the crowds are a bit of a challenge,” muses one visitor. “But it’s a small sacrifice because you just won’t find better deals anywhere else in the city.” Even with prices at Noryangjin falling 20-30 percent below those of larger, surrounding retailers, bargaining is still common. Keep in mind merchants brandish very large, very sharp knives. Haggle at your own risk.


Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessy are a well known and respected tuning outfit who are probably best known for producing high-horsepower upgrade kits for large displacement US muscle cars - although they actually offer performance products for several European and Japanese manufacturers too. Previously the company, which has been around since 1991, have stuck to making other manufacturers cars go faster. But with the Venom GT Hennessey are venturing into more of a manufacturer-style role. The car's still a donor - as evidenced by the recognizable Lotus Elise profile. However its not just a simple engine swap, there's been a significant change in the car's overall setup and dimensions.

Un Capsize Able

The indestructible car! Inconceivable! As one might think, there’s no real such thing as a completely safe way of auto-mobiling around the Earth. That goes double, triple, 10x as much for people who use rally racing as an excuse to drive insanely fast around a treacherous death trap of a track. But there’s such a thrill! That’s why designers are here to design safety measures for the crazy at heart. What’ve we got here? Impact resistance, a self-righting system, and pit climbing features. This design is indeed called “Structural Skin.” Designed by Chu Hyung Kwon to make the death-defying even moreso that, this design brings the structure to the skin. Basically what’s going on here is that now the core of the car will still be the strongest, while the outer extremities (the structural surface) will be made of materials with relative flexibility. Shock resistance. With modern advances such as the following, even the most severe of impacts will be dissipated: AeroGel, Carbon/Kevlar composite, and liquid metal. This, along with the formentioned simple self-righting system and the ability to climb right up the side of a pit make this Structural Skin car quite the formidable foe.

MV Agusta Builds a Bike to Make You Swoon

We have just one thing to say about the MV Agusta F3: We want one. Badly. This bit of two-wheeled heaven is everything we love about motorcycles: It is impossibly gorgeous, it is ridiculously fast, and it almost certainly handles like nobody’s business. MV boss Giovanni Castiglioni tells Hell For Leather the F3 will be “the smallest supersport ever produced.” The 675-cc inline triple is good for a claimed 140 horsepower. That, according to the guys at Hell For Leather, makes it the second most-powerful engine in its class behind the Ducati 848 Evo. Top-shelf hardware includes Marzocchi fork, Sachs shock, Brembo brakes, yada yada. Two cool bits of tech, both first in the class, include traction control and a counter-rotating crankshaft to minimize vibrations. The styling nicely updates that of the F4, which is among the most beautiful motorcycles ever. Anything this cool isn’t cheap, and the F3 is no exception. Look for a sticker price of 11,500 euros, which comes to $15,970.

Take a Peek Inside the 747-8 Test Plane

Well into the first flight of Boeing’s new 747-8, co-pilot Tom Imrich brought up the fuel page on a display in the cockpit. Chief pilot Mark Feuerstein did a double take when he saw it. The biggest airliner Boeing has ever built left Paine Field carrying 130,000 pounds of jet fuel. But the plane, which Boeing is hailing for its efficiency, was burning less fuel than expected. “You’re generally familiar with the odd burns — off nominal, and you know what they are,” Feuerstein said, explaining the unusual flying conditions of a first flight. “I said, ‘This is amazing.’” Feuerstein made some quick calculations and realized they would have much more fuel remaining than expected when they landed after an inaugural flight slated to last four hours.


Internet Kill Switch Legislation Back in Play

Legislation granting the president internet-killing powers is to be re-introduced soon to a Senate committee, the proposal’s chief sponsor told Wired.com on Friday. The resurgence of the so-called “kill switch” legislation came the same day Egyptians faced an internet blackout designed to counter massive demonstrations in that country. The bill, which has bipartisan support, is being floated by Sen. Susan Collins, the Republican ranking member on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The proposed legislation, which Collins said would not give the president the same power Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak is exercising to quell dissent, sailed through the Homeland Security Committee in December but expired with the new Congress weeks later. The bill is designed to protect against “significant” cyber threats before they cause damage, Collins said.

Can The iPhone Get You Laid?

Yes, OKCupid’s data confirms our suspicions, iPhone users do “do it” more, at a rate of about 2x that of Android users. Perhaps this is because the Android has an easily accessible porn app store? Presumably iPhone users are better at getting their kicks in real life. But the chart still leaves the greatest question of our time unanswered, “Do attractive people buy more iPhones, or does the iPhone somehow make you more attractive?” In any case, maybe it’s time some of us reconsidered our gadget predilections.

Crash-Test Dummies Go To The Smithsonian

The crash-test dummies have taken up residence at the Smithsonian. No, not those Crash Test Dummies. You know—Vince and Larry, the guys who have been features in public service announcements going back to 1985. It's become one of the most successful safety campaigns in U.S. history, so they rightly deserve a spot at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, in Washington, D.C. From the mid-1980s through 1998, TV and radio spots as well as magazine ads featured a more slaptick approach, as well as a little comedy—with lines like “it's a great job...they may have to pry me away from it”--to help us understand the importance of buckling up and saving lives.

Wintry Doom Looms for Mars Spirit Rover

NASA's Mars Spirit Rover, now a stationary probe stuck in the sands of the Red Planet, may not survive the Martian Winter. If you'll remember, Spirit suffered devastating wheel breakage late last year, and in January NASA officially christened the eternally immobilized rover as a "stationary probe," doomed to live of the remainder of its days stuck in the sand. Then, on March 22, the probe entered an emergency hibernation mode and stopped communicating with NASA. It is the seventh year on-planet for Spirit, which is far, far beyond its original 90-day mission, but a looming Martian winter, coupled with an unfavorable solar panel angle (due to the position it is stuck in), could mean the rover's amazing mission is finally at an end.

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