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Kim Kardashian’s Gigantic Ass Eats Her Bikini

Adult film star Kim Kardashian’s gigantic ass was photographed trying to eat her bikini bottom yesterday. As you can see in the pictures below, Kim Kardashian’s booty was starving so it started to munch on her tiny bikini bottom. Ever since Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush called it quits Kim’s ass has been missing the steady diet of dark meat it has grown accustomed to. Now it is beginning to act out by eating Kim’s swimwear. I fear if it does not get some protein soon it may go on a rampage and swallow a small child. Luckily Kim Kardashian is in South Beach, and according to the news 3 big buck Negroes are down there playing basketball. I am sure one of them will be willing to loan their talents to Kim’s considerable posterior.

Kelly Brook Isn't Wearing A Bra

There's really not much that needs to be said here because I immediately forgot whatever it was Miley Cyrus did that everyone was talking about. Something about dancing on a gay guy's penis? Sure, knock yourself out.

Paris Hilton Still Cruising Around in a $375K Lexus LFA!

We don't post Paris Hilton pics nearly as often as we did a few years ago, so at least give us props for that! Obviously the main focus of this post is not Paris, but her wheels---the sweet ass 552 h.p. Lexus LFA. The thing looks mean. I gotta admit, I'd rather be caught driving around in this than the $1.5 million Bugatti that Flo Rida insists on pimping to dinner each night of the week. More bang for the buck, baby!

Elisabetta Canalis On Vacation in Mexico!!

While George Clooney focuses teaming with Google and the UN to help Sudan, his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis focuses on showing off that killer bikini bod of hers. The two have been in Cabo to celebrate the holidays where George is probably working while Elisabetta works on her tan.


Frosty Examples of Winter Photography

Winter, the season of love has come with all of admiration. To have walk in snowfall in December evening is really a lovely act with full of warm emotions. When mountains, rivers and trees covered with snow captivates heart and soul at all. Really love for winter. In summarization you can never ignore winter due to its significance with snow. To complete your life with snow we have gathered a very much rich winter photography having worthwhile scenes of nature. Move toward and enrich your heart and soul with snowfall.

The Last Breathtaking Wild Bison Herd in North America

Yellowstone – Discovered in 1807 was a lost world found by the hands of humanity after being the home to wild Native Americans for over 11,000 years. A land ruled by ice, brimstone and fire should be un-inhabitable, yet the most treasured wilderness can be found here than any other place on earth. One of the beautiful giants that live here is the Bison – an outstanding representative survivor of the last ice age. Built for the harsh winters that Yellowstone delivers, these Bison are the last wild herd left in North America. Winter in Yellowstone is unkind, harsh and deadly when composed of a six month contract frozen and buried under ice and snow. Many species struggle with the conflict of cold and locked away nutrients under the ice, but this particular story is dedicated to the Bison – who has battled through hundreds of years of the conflicts of Yellowstone’s winters.

frying Pan Planets

I just saw a short clip on the size of our Milky Way galaxy as compared to others (spoiler: it’s really tiny) and it got me thinking about planets. And kitchen implements. This is convenient because Norwegian photographer Christopher Jonassen is in the business of creating alien planets from the most unlikeliest of sources — the bottoms of worn out frying pans! In his Devour series, Jonassen uses a simple background to bring the scarred, weathered frying pans into a new light.

Inside a Wave: Epic Photography by Clark Little

"The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little" is nothing short of epic. Getting inside, over and under 30-40 foot waves is no small feat, especially with bulky camera equipment, and a goal of finding that perfect angle and lighting condition that makes a perfect shot. Clark Little is pretty well known today as the foremost shorebreak art photographer (his art has been seen on "Good Morning America", and featured in a number of glossy magazines all over the world). But as much as we like the fantastic shots of various wave' innards, we are even more impressed to see him pitched against dangerous, massive amounts of water - violent waves, where you only have a moment to make that shot and to get out of the harm's way.


McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Debuts At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 will make its first official public appearance at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed, taking place from June 30th to July 3rd. The GT3 will differ from the MP4-12C through aerodynamic performance upgrades including a front radiator, which increases the maximum ambient temperature at which the car can run. Other upgrades include a new gearbox cooler mounted on the rear aerodeck. A new front splitter will also be fitted to the GT3 along with a door blade, rear wing, diffuser and louvres in the front fenders. These components will be produced entirely from carbon fibre by McLaren Racing. Only 20 of these cars will be delivered to private GT3 racing teams in Europe for 2012. The GT3 will also feature Formula 1 derived technologies including the same steering wheel design used by Lewis Hamilton in his MP4-24 Formula 1 car. Respected Formula 1 suppliers such as Akebono, Mobil 1, McLaren Electronic Systems, Ricardo and Michelin are working to create race car specification technology superior to the GT3 competition in 2012.

Caterham R600 Superlight

Iconic British road and race car manufacturer, Caterham Cars, has developed its most extreme race-ready Seven to date - the Superlight R600. With stunning performance potential and all the character of existing Caterham circuit cars, the new supercharged incarnation of the Seven will represent the top echelon of the Caterham racing spectrum in the Superlight R600 Championship from 2013. Powered by a supercharged, 2-litre Ford Duratec engine, producing 275bhp, the R600's dedicated championship will further extend the Caterham Motorsport 'ladder', currently topped by the hugely successful R300 series. The R600 race car, which costs £44,995, will be the first Seven ever to feature forced induction technology, making it the fastest ever production Seven and a natural progression from the advances made with Caterham's sports prototype, the SP/300.R, which uses a similar power plant. Caterham is expecting at least a 16-car grid for the debut championship season in 2013, with 30 cars anticipated to compete the following year. Simon Lambert, Caterham's Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer, said: "Caterham racing just got even more interesting.

2010 Ford F-150 SVT RAPTOR

This Raptor was a dealer demo for the owner of our dealership here in Dodge City Kansas. It was rolled over on his private farm so there was no sheriff report that will effect a carfax. It was not salvaged! Which means this truck has an Original Clear Title. Insurance was already collected so we have decided to sell if it brings a fair price. If not we will have the body shop fix it. It still runs and drives. The only warning light on is the air bag system light as the side airbags did deploy. The other airbags are still good. The driver side radiator support has been pushed down a couple inches. The suspension and frame appear to be good. The trucks stance has been unharmed as you can see in the photos. You can also see from the photos what kind of cosmetic damage it has.

Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing and Michael Schumacher Commercial

Kicking things off this beautiful April morning, we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at a SLS AMG Gullwing commercial starring Michael Schumacher that we thought was new but actually made its debut back in January. In it, Schumacher takes a turn in the new model, and surrounded by his support team, attempts to perform a rather arduous driving feat. I won’t give away any more details, as you can watch the video below and see the action for yourself. When you’re finished, you can check out the additional behind-the-scenes photos from the Schumacher SLS AMG commercial filming showing various setups, storyboards, etc. that went into the making of the ad.


Pieces of Nerd Furniture

Furniture doesn't have to be sophisticated, it can meet your personality too. Here are 20 pieces of nerdy furniture.

News from the Moon!

Back when the space race was in its heyday in the late 1960s, it became clear that the United States was going to beat the Soviet Union to landing a man on the Moon. But that didn't mean the Soviet Union wasn't going to do something spectacular in their own right. In 1970, they launched and landed the first-ever rover on another celestial body. Say hello to Lunokhod 1, which became the first remote-controlled robot to land on another rock in our Solar System. Lunokhod 1 landed on the Moon, brought there by the lander Luna 17, and immediately went to work. Lunokhod 1, initially slated for a mission of just under 90 days, lasted 11 months, traveled over 10 kilometers and took over 20,000 images and over 200 panoramas. It also became the first vehicle to photograph its own footprints, which fascinates me for some reason.

Boeing Chooses Android For 787 Dreamliner's Entertainment System

While Apple continues to score wins in the use of its iPad for inflight entertainment, Boeing has chosen its nemesis – Google’s Android operating system – to provide music, video and even airline-specific apps for the next-gen 787 Dreamliner. According to Mark Larson, technical manager at Boeing’s Dreamliner Gallery, all 787s now in production will be fitted with Android-based servers and touchscreens. “Those Dreamliners that are being configured right now can get (Android)” Larson told Australian Business Traveller. Panasonic has already built the first 787-certified Android touchscreen, which is available in everything from economy seats to first-class suites.

Rescue Workers Can Prevent Brain Damage with Icy Nasal Spray

After cardiac arrest, lowering someone’s body temperature can prevent life-threatening brain damage. It’s so critical that New York City requires ambulances to take some patients up to 20 minutes out of the way to hospitals with cooling equipment. EMTs could improve patients’ chances further using RhinoChill, a new portable nose spray that cools the brain on the scene. In the past decade, doctors learned to safely induce hypothermia to slow brain cells’ metabolism, preventing the buildup of toxic molecules that can cause lasting damage. Many hospitals insert a refrigerated tube into a major vein, a technique too dangerous to attempt in the field. To take the treatment on the road, medical company BeneChill left the refrigerator behind. The key is a fast-evaporating liquid that, squirted up the nose, cools the brain.

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