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Who The Hell Is This? Jessica Cirio Bikini Pics From Miami

These were snapped over the past couple days Argentine bombshell Jessica Cirio spent the afternoon working on her tan in Miami Beach. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Luciano Bernardi. Here’s more info from her Wiki: Jessica Wanda Judith Cirio Perutich (born March 21, 1982 in Lanús, Buenos Aires Province) better known as Jésica Cirio is an Argentine model, dancer and vedette of Italian descent. She has appeared on the Argentine reality show Cámara en Mano as well as in pictorial spreads in Revista Hombre.

AnnaLynne McCord And Her Less Hot Sister Bikini Pictures

Here’s 90210 scrawny hottie and Popoholic favorite, AnnaLynne McCord, and her nowhere near as hot sister, Angel McCord, hitting the Miami beach in a pair of tiny bikinis. Now you guys might have a hard time telling the difference between the two, especially considering that they swapped bikinis while in the ocean, but AnnaLynne is the one with the groovier body, and the one not wearing earrings and piercings. Ha! Did you girls actually think you can fool a professional who spends his whole day gawking at the female form? Please! Speaking of the female form, enjoy AnnaLynne’s sexy little bikini body!

Rihanna Wears Half an Outfit at Pepsi Fan Jam

From these photos of Rihanna performing live at the Pepsi Fan Jam on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, yesterday, I gather the no pants trend is nearly over. Nearly over, as in she’s wearing one of her two pant legs. That’s the most pant legs I’ve seen her wear in some time. She also appears to be covering one of her boobs, which is the most coverage I’ve seen those things get in some time. The singer is wearing a cut-out catsuit that makes me think of the black half-catsuit worn by Shakira in the She Wolf music video. One arm, one sleeve, one boob, one ass cheek, and most of their crotch hanging out. At least Rihanna has the good manners to cover her remaining boob with a strapless bra. And cover her bare leg with fishnet stockings. Her booty’s still kinda hanging out, but bish works out. I’m not even mad at her.

Karen Leah's Bikini Model Search Entry

Karen Leah is a model from Vancouver, BC. Her ultimate goal in life is to pursue modeling full time based out of LA. She loves soaking up the sun and laying on the beach.Modeling has been her lifelong dream and passion and drive in life. Karen specializes in swimsuit, lingerie, glamour and fitness modeling. She is very outgoing, constantly creating new ideas for new shoots, always tons of fun, all while maintaining a certain degree of professionalism.


Beautiful Macro Photography Shots

Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye. For example, while we can see the fly on the wall, our eyes aren’t equipped to make out the fine details of the hairs on it’s face. This is where macro photography comes in. It gives us a glimpse into the world of the very small, which goes largely unnoticed by us as we hurriedly shuffle through our day. In this edition of our Monday Inspiration series we present 25 beautiful examples of macro photography. A round-up of some truly revealing and inspiring macro photographs which are sure to have you marveling at the world around you. You may check out the links at the bottom of this post for further resources on the subject of macro photography.

Zombie Protestors Infest Sydney To Support Violent Video Games

Aussie gamers will dress as zombies next week to raise awareness about the lack of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia. The protest will begin at Hyde Park Fountain on March 27 and lumber through Sydney, informing the public of the need for a higher classification rating, and causing hysteria in others. The history of lobbying for an R18+ games classification is long with lobby groups failing for a decade to convince the Federal Government to introduce the measure. Video games are banned from sale in Australia if they exceed the maximum M15+ classification. Gamers and industry advocates say a higher rating will prevent the sale of violent games to minors and allow put Australia's law on par with other countries including the US, the UK and New Zealand.

Baby Ring-tailed Coatis Play Ring Around the Rosy

There's never a dull moment for these cuddling baby Coatis (AKA Brazilian Aardvarks!), photographed earlier this summer at Marwell Wildlife Park by Danielle Connor. A total of 5 baby Coati call Marwell home and as you can see, they spend much of their time wrestling and rough housing in their exhibit. Coatis are members of the Racoon family and although few scientific population studies have been made in recent years, their numbers appear to be in decline due to environmental destruction in their native Central and South America.

Lost in Time: The Disused Kingsway Tram Subway

Lurking deep beneath London is a labyrinth of tunnels incorporating underground railways, secret passages, drainage systems and subterranean chambers. The "Tube" is famous as the oldest and most extensive underground railway network in the world, but what about less well known forms of subterranean transport? The long-abandoned Kingsway Tram Subway is an elusive place that offers a unique glimpse into the past.


Holy Abomination Batman - Its a Customized 1985 Porsche 944!

This author will be the first to admit that he's not exactly overflowing with love for the Porsche 944, but don't expect any amused looks from this camp about seeing this car degraded into a stumpy rendition of Tim Burton's Batmobile. Sadly, that's just what seems to have happened with this particular 1985 944. According to the seller, the car still boasts the stock 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a five-speed manual cog box, so you won't be outpacing baddies anytime soon. A NOS Sniper system has been installed on the car, but thankfully, it's never been used. We're guessing hitting the go-go juice would be a heckuva lot of fun – but probably just once.

Rare World War II Jeep Replicated

Duncan Rolls was upfront when years ago he met a girl named Kim. "I like jeeps," he remembers warning her. "I really like jeeps." She fixed him with a stare and told him she already owned a classic M38A1 military jeep. "She was crazy, too," Duncan said Wednesday from the Kansas Expocentre. Good thing because Duncan has spent the past four years re-creating by hand the Bantam jeep prototype — the grandfather of the classic military vehicle. Now the one-of-a-kind jeep will for the first time, and possibly the last time, be on display. With it will be the second generation version, which Duncan replicated, too.

Growling Sharp Ferrari

Take a peek at this lovely sharp sports car with the Ferrari name slapped on it, inspired by the form language of Credo E-Bone, another design by the same designer that’s no less that a city bus. That, and the bones of animals and humans are where this comes from. This designer takes the Italian dynamic and organic, soft shapes that are closest to nature. Inside and out, this vehicle is meant to radiate energy and power. This is the Ferrari Enzo, a car that never ever stops, but appears to sit in time even as it flies down the highway. The one sentence the designer hopes to let loose as much as possible is “My car has always more power than yours.” Time for crushing of all road opposition! Road warrior!

Brake Override Systems Coming for GM in 2012.

Well it looks like the days of power braking your rear tires into oblivion are almost over, at least for GM cars anyway. It was announced that GM is installing brake override systems on all cars with automatic transmissions in 2012. This comes in the wake of Toyota’s unintended premature acceleration debacle, whereby they recalled just about every car in their current fleet. The main goal here is this: In the event that the car accelerates without warning, you, the driver, will be able to depress the brake thus bringing your car to a safe and controlled stop without tagging the car, tree or house in front of you. Keep in mind that this is terrible news for teenagers everywhere as those visions of roasting the rear tires on Dad’s 2012 Camaro SS just went up in smoke.


MIT Team Designs Airliner That Uses 70 Percent Less Fuel

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers recently released a concept aircraft design that could use 70 percent less fuel than current commercial airliners. The simple secret, they say: Optimize the aircraft for modern, efficient jet engines. Jet engines these days burn much less fuel at slightly slower speeds than the original designs that influenced the swept-wing designs of the ’50s and ’60s. One of the main problems is that most airliners still use leftovers from those designs even though the older jet engines they were designed around haven’t been used by most airlines for many years. Today’s modern jet engines are much bigger in size, and much more efficient and quieter, says professor Mark Drela, the lead designer on the MIT team. “From a purely design viewpoint, they’re really mismatched; the big engines want to go slower, which means the airplanes really want to have less wing sweep,” Drela says. “That’s one of the things we took advantage of.”

From Devastation To LEED: A Small Town Story

What’s the greenest small town in America? If you’re thinking it must be somewhere famously eco-obsessed–such as northern California or the Pacific Northwest–think again. Every city building in Greensburg, Kansas, population 900, is LEED certified. What’s more, Greensburg has its own community wind farm, which is said to produce 100% of its power. It all began late in the evening of May 4, 2007, when a monster tornado 1.7 miles wide and moving at 205 miles an hour flattened this small town on the southwest Kansas plains, totally destroying its infrastructure and a vast majority of its homes and buildings. Thanks to an emergency announcement by the National Weather Service in Dodge City, the citizens of Greensburg had 20 minutes to evacuate, but the devastation brought by the tornado was still a huge blow for a town of this size.

Atari 2600 Stella Portable Is The Nicest Atari 2600 Portable Mod Yet

I’ve certainly seen my share of Atari 2600 mods over the years, but I’ve still always longed for a really nice portable version that actually plays the original cartridges. So when I stumbled onto this handheld, made from a highly modified Atari Flashback 2, I was tickled. Created by a modder going by the moniker “Mario” (why isn’t this a portable NES, again?), this lovely looking orange handheld Atari 2600 games on its built-in 3.5-inch LCD screen. He named the handheld “Stella”, as that’s the original codename the 2600 had before it was released – it also happens to be the name of the best 2600 emulator out there. It has both a built-in joypad and a paddle controller, and can play either the built-in Flashback 2 games or original carts. It’s also got a built-in speaker, and can play for about 2 hours on its rechargeable battery pack. There’s even a 9-pin joystick port for connecting an external joystick for a second player.

This Cave House Was Built By A Cow. Seriously.

Antón García-Abril's Trufa house in Costa da Morte, Spain was built by pouring concrete over bales of hay and then letting Paulina - a hungry cow - carve out the living space. García-Abril of Ensamble Estudio built the Trufa (a.k.a "the truffle") by stacking bales of hay, dousing them in concrete, and burying them underground to give the building an organic, cave-like shape. Witness the process in fast-forward below. After the Trufa was cracked open, Paulina the cow ate the remaining hay buried inside, effectively carving out a living space over the course of a year, thus rendering her the most adorable architect on the planet.

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