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Victoria Silvstedt Bought a New Hat

The sad part is that even if she wasn’t in a bikini, today has been so slow that Victoria Silvstedt buying a hat suddenly seems exciting. But luckily she was in a bikini this afternoon on a beach in St. Tropez, and I don’t care what anyone says, I think she might be the hottest middle aged prostitute in the entire world. It’s a controversial stand I take, but go ahead, prove me wrong.

Kristen Bell's BaDunk 'ADunk Ate Some Of Her Dress

If you ask me, it sure looks like it. While Kristen Bell does have the petite frame to pull this ridiculous ensemble off, this isn't a respected awards show, sweets. It's the premiere for your more than likely garbage fest rom com When In Rome. I mean your love interest is a guy who beats off on strippers rather than his Fuggie.

Nina Dobrev is on Vacation

Since we can't make fun of Lindsay Lohan all day, here's Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev in the Turks and Caicos yesterday. Meh. Based on the pictures I've posted of this chick in the past, I thought she'd look better half-naked. I felt the same way with Jessica Alba back in '05, but in her defense, the lighting in my master bedroom is pretty bad.

Katherine Hagel's Dress Tries To Jump Ship

Katherine Hagel is more annoying than a mosquito buzzing in your ear while you're trying to sleep (speaking from experience), so it's no surprise that her dress tried to leave her ass at ShoWest in Las Vegas yesterday. Hagel went onstage to accept the award for Most Ungrateful Ho In Hollywood when her dress strap snapped and her chichi almost came piling out. Billy Bush, who presented Hagel with the award, had to hold her dress strap up so that she could give her acceptance speech without flashing a nip at the audience.


A Team Attempting A Record For The Longest Ever Cave Penetration

British cave diving instructor and photographer Martyn Farr has travelled the world, exploring some of the world's most spectacular underwater caves. He will join a team next month as they attempt to set a world record for the longest ever cave penetration.

Post-Soviet Aircraft Graveyard Discovered on Abandoned Far East Russian Air Base

During the Cold War CIA and U.S. Air Force pilots risked life and limb to spy on the Soviet Union. Today, we too can peer behind the former Iron Curtain, all from the comfort of our personal computers. Intriguingly, such virtual exploration has revealed abandoned military bases in the far reaches of Russia that – even today – house the rusting remnants of the feared Soviet bomber force. Littered with at least 18 gutted Tupolev Tu-22M Backfires of the 444th Heavy Bomber Regiment, Vozdvizhenka air base resembles a post-apocalyptic landscape. Entering this barren place, located near Ussuriysk in the Primorsky Krai region of Far East Russia, 60 miles north of Vladivostok and 40 miles from the Chinese border, is like taking a step back in time.

Historic Defense Tower Transformed Into Modern Home

This ancient defense tower in Suffolk, England has been transformed from a historic marker of a war-faring age into a remarkable one-of-a-kind home. The home’s designer and owner Duncan Jackson worked closely with Piercy Conner Architects to create a comfortable, contemporary living space that maintains the aesthetic integrity of the historically-registered defense tower. The project solved a set of thorny issues (a round building with few windows and 12 foot-thick walls) while creating a truly gracious home in the wetlands that preserves a unique piece of history. The resulting residence looks like it would be right at home on the Star Wars planet Tatooine.

The Dirty Secrets Of Coal

Coal is a dirty and dangerous business. It produces more than half of the energy in the U.S. because it is a cheap resource, but it comes at a high human and environmental cost. The coal industry is the single largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions -- and that's just the beginning. We're taking a look at some of the dirtiest secrets the coal industry doesn't want you to know.


Convertible Chevrolet Trailblazer

Now here’s something you don’t see every day–a convertible 2003 Chevy Trailblazer 4×4 that seats 7! I spotted this over the weekend at a local community fair and had to take a few snaps to share. It was used in the Rose Bowl parade, has 29,500 miles on it and is currently up for sale at $15k (OBO). Whether you like it or hate it, it’s definitely unique and the build on it looked pretty decent! Call Jeff at (858) 218-5420 if you’re interested in buying his “custom beach cruiser”. The only problem is… there’s no top! So if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll probably want to pass on this creation.

One-off Koenigsegg Agera R BLT seized by Chinese customs

About a month ago, we brought you news of a monstrously powerful one-off from Koenigsegg called the Agera R BLT. At the time we reported that the car was being built for a Chinese man of some great wealth and that the $2 million price tag represented the floor for a custom job like this. Now it seems there's been a bit of a development. It seems that the Agera R BLT never quite made it to its intended customer, having been waylaid just recently by Chinese government authorities. Customs officials took hold of the exotic, claiming that the owner was attempting to smuggle the car into the country as a way of avoiding paying import tax on the thing.

Mechanic Wrecks Out-of-Town Owner’s $500,000 Ferrari F40

Last week's crash of a half-million-dollar Ferrari F40 in Houston was more than just an unfortunate accident, it was, according to exclusive details Jalopnik gathered over the weekend, the result of a mechanic's test drive gone horribly wrong. The photo shows the aftermath: a rare and expensive Ferrari F40 worth at least $500,000 crushed by a fence. The wheels bent, the front-end destroyed, and a man in the background being treated by EMTs. What the photo doesn't show is how the car wound up in its condition. We've learned from numerous sources that the Ferrari F40 wasn't being driven by the car's owner, but by a mechanic responsible for the vehicle. In fact, the owner was in Europe on business and didn't even know the vehicle was wrecked until this weekend.

Hair That's a Fright: George Hurst and the Hairy Olds

No history of American muscle cars would be complete without at least a passing mention of George Hurst, who became one of the era's most successful aftermarket manufacturers. Hurst grew up in Pennsylvania, dropping out of school at the age of 16 to join the Navy. When he was discharged in 1954, he became very active in the drag racing scene in eastern Pennsylvania. In the mid-fifties, he and his friend Bill Campbell started a garage in Abington, where they built aftermarket engine mounts for performance cars. Although Hurst had little formal training, he had a strong intuitive grasp of automotive engineering, and he was a natural showman, with a flair for clever promotions. After some early setbacks, Hurst and Campbell formed a partnership with Ed Almquist and Jonas Anchel, the co-founders of the speed shop Anco Industries. They developed several new products, including a revised engine mount design called Adjusta-Torque and a floor-mounted shift linkage for three-speed manual transmissions.


In Vestimentis Ursum. There's a robot beneath the fluff.

I've always been curious about stuffed animals that sing, dance, light up, or talk back. There must be a fascinating robot underneath the fur and fluff, right? Surely the robot hiding in the bear's clothing, vestimentis ursum, is impressive. So: armed with my childish curiousity and the spurious excuse of 'product design research,' I set out to discover what, exactly, these creatures are hiding.

Here’s How Army Engineers Are Unwatering NYC’s Tunnels

The scale is staggering: Superstorm Sandy flooded New York City’s network of underground and vehicular tunnels with up to 400 million gallons of water. On Thursday, the U.S. military began to bring some of its heavy equipment into place – from generators to powerful water pumps to trucks flown from across the country. But, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers emphasized to Danger Room, they’re just getting started with the cleanup. The work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Manhattan starts at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, the major underwater thoroughfare for cars passing between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Strange vehicles: Mattracks Powerboard

If there were prizes being handed out for the most original forms of transport, the team behind the Mattracks Powerboard would be waiting patiently in line. The Mattrax Powerboard is basically a powered snowboard. This means that you can wreck your body in an entirely new and innovative way. As if the risk of broken ankles from snowboarding wasn't enough, the guys at Mattrax decided to add a hot 200cc petrol engine between your legs, and a powerful rubber track spinning at high rpm to the bottom of the board. The mid-mounted engine allows for a top speed of 18 mph, and it can comfortably handle snow covered hills and deep powder. Steering is done just the same as on a conventional snowboard, by just shifting your body weight. The stand-on design of the Mattrax Powerboard does not require you to wear any type of special boots or bindings - meaning you can throw yourself to safety when everything starts to go a bit wrong.

Michigan's Abandoned Dinosaur Amusement Park Is Way Creepy

Abandoned amusement parks are eerie. But an abandoned park filled with fiberglass dinosaurs? Eerie as shit. In Irish Hills, Michigan, you can find one such saurian-filled ghost-town: The Prehistoric Forest. It's like Jurassic Park, but the T-Rex eats your soul. The Prehistoric Forest reportedly opened in 1963 and closed in 1999. At one point, this eight-acre property had a waterfall, a smoking volcano, and a waterslide. Now it just has dilapidated dinosaurs by sculptor James Q. Sidwell, fences and motion sensors (to keep out vandals), and the ghostly laughter of unborn dinosaur babies lurking around every corner. This is definitely one of those places that's more unsettling in the daytime. From the somewhat outdated information I've seen around the web, I'm guessing The Prehistoric Forest is still for sale. If I were an eccentric billionaire, I'd purchase the place, buy even more decaying dinosaurs, and just let nature run its course. Then I'd rent it to the producers of Syfy's Saturday night creature features and make a killing.

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